Hogg Prepares to Relaunch Publix Die-Ins Over Something They Didn’t Do


Parkland student extremist David Hogg, who took a year off from college to go on a national bus tour to get out the leftist vote, has a new hashtag campaign and might be planning a second run at damaging Publix image.

After mopping up the floors of Florida grocery stores with his body, Hogg is back on a twitter tirade that only his mother and Michael Bloomberg could love. He’s quite lyrical in a drama queen sort of way:

“The sound of gunfire echoes everywhere,” Hogg tweeted. “You hear it in our cities, towns, and it brings grief to our Native American friends, too. But you know what’s louder? The sound of all of YOU demanding change. use to speak for your right to live and be safe.”

He admits he’s triggered at least. He should get help for that.

The responses were somewhat mixed and some responded negatively to his using Native Americans for his political ends. His responses are ignorant. For instance, he kept calling the AR-15 a military weapon, which it’s not. No self-respecting soldier would be waving an AR-15 around at the enemy.

This latest Hogg campaign might switch back to Publix however. The tyrannical teen found out a lobbying group that receives almost all of its funding from Publix is actively supporting a self-described “proud NRA sellout” and Florida governor candidate Adam Putnam.

Publix should never have fed the beast. It’s not even true and Hogg’s got people boycotting the store.


The youth don’t know much and are happy to become fascists but there was the occasional sane voice like Joe’s, an older guy.

The only problem with the irresponsible Hogg’s renewed attack on Publix is they stopped funding the group. Publix said they wouldn’t fund political organizations any longer and they haven’t. The article he links to explains they haven’t given additional money, it’s simply money the lobbying group has on hand.

Hogg can’t get his facts straight. You think he’d at least read the article he is promoting.


  1. Sometimes you can just look at a person’s eyes and see that they are completely insane. In the not to distant future, Hogg will be making headlines for an entirely different reason.

  2. Time for Publix to call in the police and tell them they must do their little hissy fit at a minimum of 50 ft from the store entrance or leave.If they don’t comply Publix should have them arrested.Tell these little pukes ” if you’re gonna act like you’re adults,you’re gonna get treated like adults,Welcome to the real world”!

  3. The creature called David Hogg, soon to be forgotten, plans nothing, organises nothing. Even in tweeter someone else writes under his name. Wake up, he is a doll on strings, nothing more. Watch those who are holding the strings.

  4. An interesting concept.

    Took a year off from college.

    Don’t you have to be accepted first? Maybe attend first?

  5. Let them have their “die-in”. Then, let them have an arrest-in, jail-in, arraign-in and their one call to Mommy for bail.

  6. The Democratic Party is the party of the mob, irrespective of what the mob represents. Democrats activate mobs , depend on mobs, coddle mobs, politicize and celebrate mobs–they are the mob. He is just training to become a”Community Organizer.” A mob is an irrational, childlike and often violent organism that derives its energy from the group.

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