Hogg Quadrupled Twitter Followers, Gets Advice from Fake News Legend


The left has been busy grooming the new face of the Resistance, young David Hogg, a teenlink jounalist who said he interviewed students while the shooter was killing his fellow students. Hogg has been busy scrubbing his Twitter page, making it look very professional. Also, today he got advice from the legend of fake news journalism.

During his Sunday interview, one among many endless interviews, he pretended to be sympathetic to the people trolling him. Then he said, “They’ve been great advertising. I’ve more than quadrupled my following since they started trolling me. The media has been able to cover this even more. They’ve done a great job of that.”

No doubt Twitter helped him with or his leftist friends at the Women’s March.

He dishonestly said his movement is not partisan, not Republican or Democrat. One of the best lines was when he said teachers can’t be armed when they don’t even make a living wage.

Are teachers dying in the streets? I haven’t heard.

Getting Advice from the Legend of Fake News

Hogg asked legendary fake news journalist Dan Rather for advice on getting into journalism. Rather can tell him how to doctor records when he doesn’t have any facts. It worked well for him. Rather’s Hollywood friends even made a fake movie about his most egregious reporting about George Bush, trying to exonerate him.

Hogg wants to go to Harvard and he’s well on his way to a scholarship for his phony non-partisan movement.

By way of comparison, one might want to listen to this student, Kyle Kashuv, who sounds sincere and rational.





  1. “…he said teachers can’t be armed when they don’t even make a living wage.” That’s actually funny. I’m laughing as I type.

    This idea of him interviewing students during the shooting: Either he’s saying that to give the impression how calm and collected he is under extreme stress, or if he actually did that, it’s just plain disturbing.

  2. CNN/MSNBC have covered this little puke more than the victims and familys of the shooting, I have not heard this puke mention one time of knowing any victim killed or wounded at the school and if his does,he has not mentioned any grief or sorrow for them , given the narcissistic personality disorder that he has I wonder if he has any friends at all, get all the attention you can kid because CNN/MSNBC will drop you like a rock when the next event happens, another Mueller indictment, Terrorist attack,Trump tweet they don’t like or mass shooting,Flood, earthquake,another Memo, its all about ratings kid, your 15 minutes of fame will come to an end.

  3. That was the word I couldn’t think of earlier. Does this sound like Hogg’s appearances.

    Definition. The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding.

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