Hogg Says He’s a “Kid” As He Hits His Latest Target — Bill O’Reilly


We tried not to mention annoying teen David Hogg but this story has to be mentioned so bear with us here. Hogg has a new target — Bill O’Reilly. Personally, we think Hogg is going too far and will burn out soon, but who knows.

Bill O’Reilly explained on his podcast last night that David Hogg, Parkland’s teen extremist, has some very bad leftist groups behind him. That is absolutely correct. We have written about Hogg’s ties to Women’s March, Empower, Everytown, and, of course, Media Matters, among others. Media Matters is running the boycott Hogg called for against Laura Ingraham.

Hogg targets Bill O’Reilly

Hogg has a new target in Bill, but no boycott will work this time since Bill works for himself now. For the purposes of his response, he’s only a “kid”.

Bill said the kid is lying on his podcast Tuesday night.

Bill backed it up with a timeline on his website which sure is damning. This is an excerpt:

    • David Hogg responded to Laura Ingraham’s tweet
    • In a less than an hour, Hogg had compiled a list of Ingraham’s top 12 advertisers, which he then tweeted to his hundreds of thousands of followers, telling them to contact the businesses.
    • Media Matters for America President Angelo Carusone tweeted at David Hogg
        •   .@davidhogg111 FYI. Laura Ingraham has 2 really big named sponsors right now. These the big ones with strongest association: @libertymutual and @bayerAG/@BayerUS
        • #1) @LibertyMutual. “The Ingraham Angle is brought to you by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty stands with you.”
        • #2) @bayerAG/@bayerUS (which owns Claritin): “The Ingraham Angle is brought to you by non-drowsy 24 hour Claritin. Live Claritin clear.”
  • THURSDAY March 29:
    • On March 29 Media Matters for America posted a list of companies that advertised on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show between March 19 and March 28.
      • David Hogg then tweeted out that list to his twitter followers and called on them to stop advertising

Go to Bill’s website here for the entire timeline.

We know Hogg’s a liar from CNN’s Brian Stelter who said he let him lie on his show because how many times can you correct him. Let’s see what Hogg says about Bill calling him out, watch:


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