Hogg Says He Hung Up on the White House, Classmate Curses Out Adults


Stoneman Douglas High School student and community organizer David Hogg appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” to push gun control. The problem at Stoneman was not the gun. It was the crazed killer and incompetent school officials, sheriffs, courts and social services.

The arrogant boy bragged that he hung up on the White House. His classmate Cameron Kasky then dropped the “F-bomb”.

This is disgusting and a media outlet promoting it is even more repugnant.

The President was thoughtful enough to invite Daniel Hogg to the meeting to discuss the tragedy at Stoneman and this boy treated him rudely and disrespectfully. He was encouraged to do so.

Hogg found it “offensive” for Trump to invite them given “there were funerals the next day and mourning we still had to do.” Yet, he had no problem showing up at CNN’s nasty townhall.

Why didn’t they get angry with Barack Obama who did nothing?

His classmate Cameron Kasky told Bil Maher he is an actor – he is not a crisis actor of course.

Acting skills come in handy. They are both pretending they are grassroots. That is ridiculous as is their constant insistence that it’s not about Republicans or Democrats.

Nasty Bill Maher encouraged the disrespect and laughed at Cameron Kasky’s vulgarity. This is pure hatred and using 17-year olds to further it is amoral.


  1. Hogg stays squarely in the many “safe spaces” afforded him by the lefties kissing his rear. Appearing at the White House, and having to mix with those truly grieving families interested in having a genuine conversation on what needs to be done, would have exposed him for the pol hack he’s trying to become.

    Where’s the outrage at all the adults in the Broward schools, Sheriff’s office, social services, and FBI that gave killer Cruz a pathway to mass murder? Hogg makes certain he does interviews that won’t press hard on that critical issue.

  2. If the school these kids went to create such personalities then we can understand how Cruz came to be. I certainly wouldn’t bother watching the likes of Maher. There “used” to be such a thing as “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. When this principle went by the wayside we see the corruption of children. As the axiom goes, ‘what one generation tolerates, the next will embrace’. The more that’s tolerated the more dysfunctional society will become.

  3. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, punks. When you ever get around to it, ask yourselves who is pulling the triggers on all of you kids. It’s other kids. Ever ask why? this s**t didn’t happen when I was your age, today its all about the gun/NRA, grow a brain you 2 little a**wipes,

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