Hogg Says NRA Members Are “Pathetic Sick F***kers” Who “Murder…Children”


David Hogg is the son of a former FBI agent and his mother is an anti-Trump leftist. He himself was never in the building with the Parkland shooter but he is said to be a victim. Hogg has become the figurehead for an anti-gun, anti-NRA, anti-Trump youth movement.

The movement is funded by a slew of Soros-funded and Bloomberg-funded groups. Backing Hogg and his pals are the Women’s March, Empower – an offshoot of the Women’s March, Move On, Everytown, et al.

David Hogg is the perfect face for the far-left Democrat movement. The movement seeks first to go full bore anti-NRA but the real goal is the Second Amendment. Hogg’s only 17 but very vulgar and already has shown a talent for deceit and ad hominem attacks.

In a profanity-laced interview for The Outline, Hogg seemed a bit unbalanced. He called NRA members “pathetic F**ers”. According to him, they “want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children.” He said they wouldn’t take action if “blood from children splattered all over their faces.”

Daily Wire put this up first I believe. Watch part of the cynical teen’s diatribe on the clips below.


Hogg began by saying, “It just makes me think what sick f***ers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected.”

“What type of s***ty person does that?” Hogg continued. “They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they all still see these dollar signs.”

Hogg has delusions of grandeur. He said he is going to make sure that “those f***ers aren’t getting reelected.”

The illogical young man does not want more school security because he doesn’t want more kids going to jail.

“We’re going to create a system where we widen the school-to-prison pipeline.” [The school-to-prison pipeline is a theory unsupported by facts.]

With no small amount of pomposity and arrogance, Hogg said it is his job to fix America because “our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

He was asked what ideas he had and Hogg replied, “I shouldn’t have to! I’m 17.” Then he gave a few that you can hear at the end of the brief compilation.

The Outline further noted: He said ‘f**k’ so many times during our interview that he joked about it not being televised, ‘because you guys are f***ed if the FCC is regulating this.’

This anti-NRA movement is truly an anti-Second Amendment movement. It’s anti-constitutional.

Watch the new Democrat hero in this clip. 

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