Hogg Says Old Dems Like Nancy Pelosi Have to Move the F*** Off the Plate


In a painfully long and gushing puff piece about David Hogg that included a very flattering photo of him, Hogg is quoted predicting a future president and giving advice to “old” Democrats.

According to NY Magazine, Hogg believes that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “a future president of the United States.”

Well, she is the “future of the Democratic Party” and knowing nothing isn’t a prerequisite for holding office as a Democrat.

Hogg told the author that he plans to “run for Congress when he’s 25.”

“I think I’ve come to that conclusion,” Hogg said. “I want to be at least part of the change in Congress.”


The author writes that Hogg is interested in age limits for politicians. He thinks that’s why Republicans are successful right now, using as an example Paul Ryan, the 45-year-old Speaker of the House.

Then he moved on to the admittedly older Democrat, Nancy Pelosi.

“Older Democrats just won’t move the fuck off the plate and let us take control. Nancy Pelosi is old.”

Good for him. Let him alienate the Democrats. Move off the plate Nancy and make way for Hogg and President Cortez.


During the interview, Hogg admitted he has been picked on for his spindly arms and “s***”.

Hogg appears not to care much what people think about him, the author writes. He’s been bullied before: “I’m easy to pick on because I’m a string bean,” he says. “I’ve had this shit said about me my entire life” — not death threats, but “twig arms and shit like that.”

That explains a lot of the braggadocio coming from the young man.

The author quotes a previous memorable comment by Hogg about the NRA: “The pathetic fuckers that want to keep killing our children, they could have blood from children spattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they all still see those dollar signs.”

Lisa Miller, the adoring author, asked him if he wasn’t afraid of riling up the NRA and endangering himself.

“If somebody is stupid enough to try anything on us, that will make the movement even stronger,” he said, not mentioning that he regularly walks around with armed guards.

Hogg is the one who blamed innocent NRA and law-abiding citizens for the murders committed by a student in his age group. The FBI, the school, the sheriffs, the social service agencies all fell down on the job so Hogg blamed innocent people.

Kris Paronto responded to his tweet asking, “Remember a time when there wasn’t a school shooting every week. I don’t because I wasn’t alive.”

The Benghazi hero wrote, “I remember, it was before your generation started shooting up the schools David, even though we still had guns. Thank you for confirming..again…that it’s not the gun, it’s person, and in particular you & your peers millennial culture. ”

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4 years ago

My goodness, the left cannot contain their monstrous creations. Someone ought to slap the smirk off of Hogg’s filthy mouth and send him to the basement until he’s 40.

4 years ago

Hogg is a fluent speaker in Rap; he deserves the filthiest mouth award.

4 years ago

Hogg is the best ad the Republicans could ever have. All he does with his unhinged rhetoric is cement the base for President Trump and other R’s. Thank you, David, thank you!

Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan
4 years ago

Hogg believes that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “a future president of the United States.” If that happens, the USA will have gone full “Idiocracy.”

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This boy is a foul-mouthed jerk and a useful idiot for the far Left, who want us defense-less, to be at the mercy of psychotic killers.