Hogg Spotted in NYC with Armed Guards


Media hog and poster boy for attacking gun rights in America, David Hogg, strolled through New York City this week flanked by armed guards. He didn’t deny it when Twitter users called him out for hypocrisy.

Nothing new for a Democrat to be hypocritical, but Hogg obviously thinks he’s one of the elite who is entitled to armed protection.

Twitter users on both sides hurled comments although most were anti-Hogg. Hogg’s response was they should read his book and they would see he is not anti-Second Amendment.

That is almost too absurd to respond to but we will anyway.

Hogg said this about law-abiding gun owning members of the NRA: “They’re pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children.”

“They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they all still see those dollar signs,” he said.

His former classmate Kyle Kashuv asked why he would “need armed guards in blue NYC”. Good question. With all our gun laws here in New York City and our Communist mayor, why would he need armed guards?


Hogg Titles His Book With a Most Unfortunate Phrase

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4 years ago

Who is paying for the security detail?

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

Maybe those gun packing guards could help him finally work up enough courage to debate high school classmate, Kyle Kashuv. Nah. You can see by Kyle’s tweet why Hogg is too terrified to face off against him.