Hogg Tells Haley to “Resign Immediately” Over Something Obama Did


Arrogant and bold, Hogg spoke for America and told Nikki Haley to resign over the $52,000 curtains he claimed she okayed. As it turns out, the curtain purchase was approved under Barack Obama’s watch.

He also lied about children starving in America every day.

Kirsten Powers once told Bill O’Reilly that children were starving every day in America because the government wasn’t taking care of them. He challenged her to find one legitimate case that wasn’t the parents’ fault. She never came up with one.

There still is no legitimate case. If children are starving it’s because the parents are deliberately abusing them, are on drugs, or there is some other issue unrelated to the government.

The brazen man-child accused Nikki Haley of misappropriating funds and said America wants her to “resign immediately” in a tweet. The dope didn’t read the article which clearly states Haley had no say over the curtains.

As it turns out, Hogg fell for a misleading headline because he checks nothing, just blabbers and tweets.

Yashar Ali writes, “Misleading headline. Few are reading past the first couple grafs. And now most of Twitter thinks @nikkihaley is like Pruitt or Price when she’s not. How irresponsible. Read the whole story. Also the rent is less expensive than previous admins”.

Yashar Ali writes for NY Mag and HuffPo and would never be taken for a right-wing reporter or a fan of anyone in the Trump administration.

The curtains were okayed under Barack Obama and Ambassador Haley had no say in the decision to buy the curtains.



  1. Someone needs to reign him in. He goes off like a bottle rocket when he has no clue what is going on and this is going to plague him the rest of his life. When he is 50 and trying to make a living, employers will say, Hey, are you the same David Hogg? and then laugh hysterically. It would be awfully hard to contain yourself.

    Someone mentioned that the kid is gay, ut I have never heard that before. Is he gay?

  2. This guy Hogg is just an attention hog (No pun intended). He wants to be on cable television that is all. He is to be ignored and scoffed at.

  3. Seems as though mme. pigboy is the one who must retire and it is the human race(too much glorification?) from which he must retire.

  4. David Hogg, not knowing you personally leaves me limited to what I can say about you, but, reading what you post gives me reason to believe you are quite stupid. You are an ill-informed, arrogant child, drunk on counterfeit fame and high on your quest for more of same. You are best advised to go home and shut up, as you are less informed than are Pelosi and Waters: two women who do not know up from down and yet they keep speaking their vile, ignorant rants.

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