Hogg Titles His Book With a Most Unfortunate Phrase


Leftist/Anti- 2nd Amendment activist David Hogg and his sister Lauren have written a book about “the foundation of this movement,” promising that the proceeds will “help heal the community.”  The title of the book is Never Again and it is a phrase traditionally reserved for Holocaust victims.

Whoever thought up that title didn’t think much. It’s been used for anti-gun marches too. That is ironic given the Jewish people in Germany had their guns taken away right before the genocide.

Hogg is cheapening the phrase by politicizing the slaughter of six million men, women, and children. That’s revolting.

Maybe if the know-it-all knew something of history he would have picked a different title.

Anything to get out the vote for Democrats.

According to Random House, the book will be “a statement of generational purpose, and a moving portrait of the birth of a new movement” and describe “voices of a new generation that are speaking the truth to power, and are determined to succeed where their elders have failed.”

That’s offensive.

The book, probably not written by him and his sister, is another tool of the hard-left to get out the vote.

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4 years ago

Where elders have failed?? We didn’t have This Issue in My generation. How is it that HIS generation are the ones committing these acts. What is wrong with YOUR generation, Hogg. Maybe if YOUR generation had just a little more respect for your elders we wouldn’t be here. The disrespect people like You and your generation have is commonplace and is a breeding ground for the current violence in society. With respect there is no compulsion for violence. Therefore you, Hogg, are part of the problem.