Hogg Wants Laura Ingraham Off the Air, Attacks Sponsors


David Hogg, the ubiquitous anti-gun agitator, says Laura Ingraham mocked student protesters [him specifically] and must be taken off the air. He is going after her sponsors. CBS News radio made the announcement so they could publicize who her sponsors are and give him a boost.

Hogg is very offended but he is the one calling NRA members child murderers. He is the one making vile and absurd accusations against Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

He calls for free speech but only from the left. It’s typical of fascists to attempt to destroy those with whom they disagree.

Because Ingraham said the following in a tweet, he wants her career destroyed. She wrote: David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)

David Hogg mentioned the school rejections publicly and said it didn’t matter, because they [his allies and him] “were changing the world”. That alone calls out to be mocked. It is a very arrogant statement.

Hogg is being called a Parkland survivor because he was at the school, but how long should this protect him? Should he be able to lie and make horrendous accusations against people on air, rip them apart for newspapers without limit?

Harvey Levin of TMZ tweeted her to let her know that Hogg did not at all whine. It was he who suggested Hogg’s protesting should gain him entrance to UCLA. Ingraham was incorrect thinking he was whining.

People might think Ms. Ingraham was mean-spirited or not, but he has no right to try to destroy her. That’s wholly unAmerican.

The media agrees with Hogg and is running with the list of advertisers.

Here are a series of his vengeful tweets:

Hogg made up a list of her biggest advertisers because if you insult Hogg, you must lose your job.

Listen to the profane boy “child” slander whoever he pleases:

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