Hogg’s Back, It’s Not Going Well Though


David Hogg is back and he is getting slammed for his dumb comments. For one, he is trying to boycott Publix, the huge Florida grocery store chair. Their crime was to financially support GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam because Putnam supports the NRA. Twitchy says, lots of luck with that.

But that’s not all, his big faux pas has made him a bit of a laughing stock for making no sense.

Hogg wants his rights back. The tryannical teen wants the right to carry an opaque backpack. He doesn’t like his rights taken away but he sure wants ours. He tweeted this dopey question yesterday:

He was bashed with facts. Here are a few examples:

Teachers aren’t shooting up the place.

Uh oh, looks like Broward coward sheriffs were trashed again.

Uh…the big one…plus congressmen go through security.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

He’s on his way to becoming a irrelevant political player & national joke. You could see this implosion coming a mile away.