Hogg’s Inspired by “America…You Mother F–kers!…You Fascist USA” Woman


David Hogg was among pro-gun control activists protesting outside the NRA’s Virginia headquarters Saturday. He came with heavily-armed security because he is one of the elite. The rest of us cannot protect ourselves. We also learned that he gets his inspiration from the immigrant who scaled the Statue of Liberty to demand ICE be abolished. She later cursed out the United States.

He posed with two of his biggest inspirations as he said.

The one on the left is the outrageous America-hating Communist Patricia Okoumou who scaled the Statue of Liberty on July 4th, Independence Day. In case you missed her most recent attacks outside her hearing Friday, listen here.

She said this after telling the judge how sorry she was about her behavior at the Statue of Liberty. She actually considered throwing her rescuers off the Statue of Liberty.

After she left the court Friday, she screamed, “America…you Mother F***ers…you KKK…you fascist USA.”

How inspiring!

She hales from the truly fascist nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Immigrant Leftist Yells “America…You Mother F–kers!…You Fascist USA.”


David Hogg arose out of the ashes of the massacre by Nickolas Cruz in Parkland at the Stoneman Douglas High School. He passes himself off as a survivor. He wants to abolish the Second Amendment, but never has a problem with the school’s, FBI’s, the county’s, and Sheriff’s incompetence.

According to a redacted report reviewed by the Sun-Sentinel, the district had refused to provide Cruz with continued special-needs protections after he turned 18 in September of 2016, despite his lengthy history of mental problems.

The report reportedly states that when Cruz turned 18 during his junior year at Stoneman Douglas High School, education specialists with the district incorrectly informed him that he was not entitled to special-needs protections at the school anymore. Florida law and Federal law says otherwise.

They knew he was severely disturbed and they knew he should be classified and that covers the student until at least age 21.

There is no mention of this on Hogg’s Twitter page.

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