Holder, Emanuel Send Strong Warnings Out to Looney Dem Candidates


Eric Holder sent out a warning to the 2020 presidential candidates to stop criticizing Barack Obama and his legacy. Candidates demeaned the former president’s legacy while attacking Biden, his former vice president.

There were attacks on the Obama administration over immigration, criminal justice, and even his most important achievement, Obamacare.

Cory Booker and Bill de Blasio blasted Biden over deportations. Booker insisted the criminal justice system is broken and nothing has been done about it. Most of the attacks were reserved for Obamacare because the entire party seems to prefer the unaffordable Medicare For All.

Biden is not strong enough or quick enough to defend Obama’s record.

To be a Democrat today means you have to be far-left and follow the leadership of the squad.

After Wednesday’s debates, former Attorney General Eric Holder took to Twitter to comment.

”To my fellow Democrats,” Holder wrote. “Be wary of attacking the Obama record. Build on it. Expand it. But there is little to be gained – for you or the party – by attacking a very successful and still popular Democratic President.”

That is true, and it’s also true that they might not have any support from the Democrat Party money men if they keep it up.

For woke Republicans, Obama’s tenure was a far-left disaster but he looks like a conservative compared to the new left running the party.

Holder was Obama’s wingman who called Obama his “boy.” His warning means something. It’s coming from Obama himself.

Rahm Emanuel is also trying to warn Democrats they have gone too far.

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday said he didn’t understand why some of the 2020 Democratic contenders are failing to defend Obamacare, notably its protections for people with pre-existing conditions, amid calls to move to a more far-reaching “Medicare for All” single-payer system.

“I don’t get this. I don’t know what the Democrats are doing,” Emanuel said on CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Emanuel said the provision in the law that offers coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions is working and that the section has broad popularity.

“Here’s what I don’t get, and I love my party, but nine months ago we made this the central issue that allowed us to take back the House and nine months later, everybody’s got amnesia,” he said. “It’s the most important thing, and it’s the most popular thing.”

He also criticized the open borders and healthcare for illegal aliens, saying they are losing the swing voters.

Let’s hope Democrats continue to not listen. Even if they suddenly did, how does anyone trust these weak-kneed flip-floppers?

Emanuel is getting pilloried in the fake world of Twitter. The far-left controls it and they want everyone to think they hold the majority opinion.

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