Holder Has Plans for a Nationalized Police Force That Favors Minority Criminals


The administration would like to use Ferguson as an excuse to put local police under tighter federal control. How far this will go is still unclear. The administration is lawless as we have seen in their handling of ICE and so many issues. We can expect whatever they come up with will include some degree of lawlessness.

The Obama administration blames white police officers for the disproportionate number of blacks in prisons. Their solution is to change the way law enforcement operates by controlling them with federal “guidance.”

This administration is confusing normal black people with criminals. They confuse criminals who happen to be black for all black people.

At a community forum on Ferguson at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Monday night, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he would soon bless us all with an update to federal rules on racial profiling.

Holder is actually using the unfortunate death of a young criminal in Ferguson to control the local police throughout the nation.

He pontificated that there will soon be new rules to “codify our commitment to the very highest standards of fair and effective policing.”

“In the coming days, I will announce updated Justice Department guidance regarding profiling by federal law enforcement, which will institute rigorous new standards — and robust safeguards — to help end racial profiling, once and for all,” Holder said Monday evening at an event in Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church — the same house of worship where civil rights leader Martin Luther King preached prior to his death.

Since MLK Jr. is deceased, it’s impossible for us to know how he’d feel about this but I do know he was a Republican, not a far-left loon.

Profiling has been an effective law enforcement tool. It’s not used to pick on certain classes of people.

Holder hyperbolized about Ferguson claiming it signals concerns that are “truly national in scope and that threaten the entire nation.”

The Obama administration threatens the entire nation.

He also suggested that the police look like an “occupying force”:

“We are dealing with concerns that are truly national in scope and that threaten the entire nation. Broadly speaking, without mutual understanding between citizens – whose rights must be respected – and law enforcement officers – who make tremendous and often-unheralded personal sacrifices every day to preserve public safety – there can be no meaningful progress,” Holder added. “Our police officers cannot be seen as an occupying force disconnected from the communities they serve. Bonds that have been broken must be restored. Bonds that never existed must now be created.”

Tell you what, let’s remove the “occupying force” and let the depressed neighborhoods go it alone.

Holder has assembled a cast of characters from law enforcement executives to community leaders from around the U.S. “to examine the present state of policing” and identify best practices and recommendations to the Department of Justice.

The DOJ will probably update the Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies that was adopted in June 2003 under President George W. Bush.

“The use of race as the basis for law enforcement decision-making clearly has a terrible cost, both to the individuals who suffer invidious discrimination and to the nation, whose goal of ‘liberty and justice for all’ recedes with every act of such discrimination,” the DOJ said when that document was released more than a decade ago.

What does racial profiling actually mean? The police aren’t profiling now. This will put police on the defensive and embolden minority criminals.

This is only the beginning.The administration will use Ferguson to implement their vision of what a police force should be.


Isn’t he missing the point? He’s blaming the police for the problem of crime in black precincts, most of which are black-on-black crimes caused by a drug-gang culture and absentee parents. It’s not the fault of poverty or white people though the drugs and gangs can flourish when poverty is present. Poor education is the larger problem.

There is a problem between police and local black communities but much of it is because the minorities are committing crimes.

Only .1% of arrests by police result in a death at the hands of police. Young black men murder 14 times more than young white men even though they only represent 13% of the population. That’s not the fault of the whites or the white police.

A sense of personal responsibility is being lost in all this. I don’t doubt that some police need to be retrained, ousted, or put in jail but they are a minority. That’s true of any career, in any job. However, the police serve and protect. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Eric Holder is protecting thugs at the expense of the police simply because the thugs he wants to protect are minorities. He doesn’t think they’re thugs. He actually thinks the police – the white police – are unfairly arresting and shooting minorities, most particularly blacks. He thinks this because he is a racialist.

Holder has railed against so-called inequities in the treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system. He has targeted sentences for nonviolent drug crimes that he says are overly harsh and disproportionately affect black defendants and has promoted alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders.

Last year, Holder’s “Smart on Crime” initiative demanded federal prosecutors stop charging many nonviolent drug defendants with offenses that carry mandatory minimum sentences — punishments that he said were contributing to overcrowded prisons.

The DOJ has also broadened the criteria for inmates seeking clemency and is looking to give early release to thousands.

Holder has initiated numerous investigations of local police agencies which has a chilling effect on the ability of these departments to do their job.

He is also studying racial bias in American cities.

What he is not exploring are the problems of gangs, drugs, and poor education. He is myopic on the issue of race. That is not to say there aren’t problems that should be considered in conjunction with the social problems inherent in these areas. He is just not balanced. His views are one-sided and are actually harmful.

Holder is the worst law enforcement officer in the country and the most important. He hates law enforcement when they enforce the law against minorities.

Listen to the stats:

I guess Holder disagrees with Charles Barkley who sees the police as keeping these depressed neighborhoods from becoming the Wild Wild West.



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