Holder Wants Civil & Human Rights for Language Minorities



Eric Holder is out to brainwash people on illegal immigration. In a speech on April 24th to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund annual awards dinner, Holder referred to people here illegally as “language minorities” whose rights need to be protected by disallowing voter ID and fixing the flawed voter process. Sounds like he wants illegals to vote.

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People who break our laws by entering our country illegally are entitled to a pathway to citizenship as a civil and human right, according to Eric Holder. In other words, people who sneaked into our country and continued to sneak around and lie about it while here, are entitled to citizenship.

Legal immigration is central to who we are, not illegal immigration, as Holder would have us believe, especially now that we have high unemployment.

Businesses who hired people here illegally are a big part of the problem and the gang of eight immigration bill will not end the practice.

via dentonexable

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