Hollywood Banishes Harvey Weinstein, Leaves All the Other Pervs


Hollywood is trying to hide their sins by banishing Harvey Weinstein from the face of the Hollywood earth. He was just kicked out of the Oscar Academy and his name is being wiped from every imaginable plague, sign, and donation. All the other pervs they know about and have protected over the years still remain.

Roman Polanski

What about sexual predators like Roman Polanski?

Bill Cosby

And what about Woody Allen and Bill Cosby?

Woody Allen

What about all the predators no one in Hollywood talks about like they didn’t talk about Harvey? Check them out here.

Watch the movie.


  1. It isn’t only about hardcore pedophiles in the industry but also how it grooms young children to be involved in the sex culture.

    After seeing the video with Kimmel it was no surprise he was involved. To see Tom Hanks and Ron Howard involved in a “comedy” sketch for the “Ultimate Sexy Baby” in which they take a 6 year old girl, who was none of Their children, and groom her for sexual exploitation and an erotic dance at the end, says a great deal about literally everyone in Hollywood no matter how innocent they portray themselves to the public. If these so-called icons of virtue are involved what does it say about any of the others. It’s bad enough the parent of this 6 year old allowed this but for Hanks and Howard to think this was suitable for a comedy sketch highlights how depraved that town is. Anyone who is willing to continue to work in such depravity is by their actions supporting the continuation. Also, it is time for John Q. Public to completely sever any support for the industry with their wallets. Virtually every ill in society today can trace its roots to that industry.

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