Hollywood Director Rails Against Hate Speech, Then Incites to Riot, Assault, Arson


An Arab-German filmmaker, feminist, and Hollywood director, Lexi Alexander, has become somewhat famous as a harsh critic of so-called Hollywood sexism. Alexander is also inciting people to riot on Twitter.

She no sooner posted a tweet railing against hate speech, claiming it’s not free speech, when she followed it up with a post inciting hatred and promoting rioting, arson and assault. She wants hate speech laws but they must be decided according to the leftists’ ideas of what hate speech is.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a right-wing provocateur who is gay, Jewish and has a black boyfriend. He’s hardly a racist or a Nazi. He has never spouted hate speech. Perhaps Alexander never heard him speak. People don’t have to agree with him and some of his speech is ridiculous to even his supporters but he is not spreading hate or inciting to riot.

The Hollywood director is a hate monger inciting to riot however.

Instead of denouncing the violence on the the Berkeley campus last night,  CNN is denouncing Milo Yiannopoulos as a hate-monger.

They don’t care that George Soros groups, communists, black separatists and other hard-left maniacs are tearing down our free speech rights. They are aiding and abetting real fascists who want to shut down the free speech of people who disagree with them.

These people on the left are buying into the values of a hard-left cult and taking their side over everyone who disagrees, including some Democrats. Any speech they don’t agree with is labeled “hate speech”, just like every white who isn’t a social justice warrior is a Nazi, every black who isn’t a liberal an Uncle Tom and so on.

Fascism being associated with right-wing anything is maddening. It’s totally dishonest and easily proven to be the complete opposite of the truth of the matter. Fascism is far left just like every other authoritarian ideology.

This is what the left-wing fascists get away with.

Check out these tweets from a woman who has sway over our culture.

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John Velisek (@sjspecialist)
John Velisek (@sjspecialist)
7 years ago