Hollywood Icon Cher Goes Completely Crackers, Like Most of Hollywood


Cher, a typical representative of Hollywood politics along with Robert De Nero, Madonna, and Meryl Streep, has gone into a complete meltdown. Her reaction to Justice Kennedy’s retirement is what you see in the Twitter feeds of others in Hollywood, Democrat Media, and Democrat politicians.

The retirement of the 82-year old Justice Anthony Kennedy has only increased their unhinged rants.

Cher is a demagogue and so is much of Hollywood. Look at their tweets and what they say — they are acting insane — literally.

In one tweet, Cher claimed Justice Kennedy sold his “soul to the devil” and in another, she claimed “some Americans could find themselves in internment camps”. Language like that is a good way to get Republicans shot up on a baseball field or have politicians like Rand Paul and his children chopped up with an ax.

There are too many people who believe these insane predictions and think celebrities know more than they do.

The Japanese internment camps were FDR’s baby. Their Progressive champion did that, not any Republican. He confiscated gold with Executive Order 6102, threatened to pack the Supreme Court, and made it illegal for farmers to grow grain for private consumption – he believed they were overproducing, Off the Wire reported.

Democrat Woodrow Wilson was called the first fascist president by Jonah Goldberg who makes the case for his claim. Many now also know he was a racist.

To be a member of the KKK, one had to be a Democrat. Slavery and Jim Crow laws were at the hands of Democrats. Tell that to the historically-challenged leftists representing Hollywood.

Hitler was a Socialist, not a Capitalist.

It’s ironic that the left always projects and accuses the right of the very things they are guilty of being and doing.


One Justice giving the majority to the right, even temporarily, means all their rights will be lost in theri minds.

It “couldn’t be more severe”, Cher says.

Cher wants the left to have a ‘BIG TENT’ to include the ‘EXTREME LEFT’ although she claims she isn’t that ‘crazy’ for them. As with the rest of the Democrat Party, they welcome Communists and Socialists if it means they win seats. The hard-left has taken them over and they have no plans to move back to center.

In a tweet telling people to accept the hard-left, Cher linked to a list of organizations they can join. All of them are extreme. Many are backed by Stalinists and Leninists, some by Marxists. That’s okay apparently for the illiterates who know nothing of history.

There is no Democrat platform except that of Bernie Sanders and his freebies for all Socialism. The Democrats and Hollywood have bought it. They are the party of leftists. Democrats have nothing else.

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