Hollywood Idiots Launch New 100% Green Energy Scheme


di Caprio

Leonardo di Caprio

No sooner has the Pope relayed his dark message calling for a revolution aimed at ending fossil fuels along with our cultural, political and economic way of life then do we see Leonardo di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo, the “Hulk”, announce their plan for 100% clean energy. It won’t include nuclear which actually is “clean”.

Pope Francis on Thursday called for a revolution in politics, economics and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change in our world which is “an immense pile of filth”. He sent a dark, pessimistic message on technology, capitalism, mining, fossil fuels, innovation, competition and equated all to materialism and the destruction of the planet and society.

These two Hollywood idiots didn’t waste any time jumping on the Pope’s dismal message.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo really is green

Leonardo di Caprio, an economic genius who barely made it out of high school, claims regulatory, economic and political barriers will be removed so his program can create 19 million long-term jobs and 4 million short-term jobs. It’s a cheap shot anyone could take without any basis in fact.

He plans to speak before Congress next month.

Ruffalo said they are going after Governor Jerry Brown to end fracking.

“We don’t have to give up everything to do it,” Ruffalo said. “We can have everything we have now but in the end, there’ll be more jobs, more people walking around, our kids, our elderly who don’t die from fossil fuel pollution, there’ll be less [sic] wars, we won’t be paying money, we’ll be collecting the sun and the wind that falls on us every single day,” Ruffalo said seriously, sounding much like the Hulk character would sound if he had language.

And it’s all free!!! Yay! I can hear Kumbaya playing in the background.

Progressives are really regressives who are against progress such as fracking. They are the preachers of gloom and doom who promise freebies to those who require no proof and have not noticed the failure of these policies under the current administration.

Di Caprio quotes Mark Z. Jacobson, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University and director of its Atmosphere and Energy Program, whose theories are worked out on the computer but are short on economics. He is an idiot who intends to disrupt economies and living standards through intermittent energy supply and get us 100% off fossil fuels ASAP. Read WattsUpWithThat and read the comments. As one commenter said, “Amazing to see how U.S. oligarchs are on their way to transform the country into a central planning system after they ruined and marginalized the middle class.”

Both di Caprio and Ruffalo are enviro-wackos with money and a platform. They want us to all go back to a less energy-reliant time while they jet around the globe with their enormous carbon footprints and travel between each of their luxurious estates to bask in their pools and their air conditioning.

Mark Ruffalo is worth $20 million dollars, a pauper by Di Caprio’s standards who is worth $200 million.

He also has a big, enormous carbon footprint.

Some of his extravagant homes.

Leo's home 2

leo's home 4

Leo's home1

leo's home3

He tools around in gas guzzlers.

Leo's van

Leo's helicopter

Leo's jet

Let’s not forget the yacht where he wines and dines his many fawning women.

Leo's yacht



  1. Hurrah for Di Caprio & his millionaire friends. I think it’s great that they’re so dedicated and ready to use their own money to finance environmental miracles. If it doesn’t work as well as they expect and they lose a lot of money, well, they’ll hopefully learn something useful.

    They ARE using their own money, aren’t they? How silly of me; They’re liberals.

  2. I see DiCaprio is flying around the world to call attention to this so called Global Warming and unlike the fellow in the United Airlines Dragon commercial he certianly wont be riding a giant bird(It would let him on its back anyway)yeah sure Woo Hoo DiCaCaprio Do as i say not at i do dont give up your leacutes and hypocracy just GO AWAY PLEASE

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