Hollywood Progressives Back Bernie Sanders Who Wants All Your Stuff


Hollywood Progressives are putting their money behind radical socialist Bernie Sanders for president and he says it’s because he tells the truth. Opponents might say it’s because he makes sweeping promises he can’t possibly keep.

If there is one thing Bernie Sanders does, it’s tell the truth. He admits he’s a socialist though, to implement his ideas, the country would have to creep into more of a communist system of control.


Apparently he is a hit in Hollywood and Denver where he’s packing in the crowds and piling up the donations.

“Our campaign is catching fire,” Sanders said. “It’s for one simple reason: We are telling the truth. And I think that’s what the American people want to hear. The truth may not be necessarily pleasant, but we can’t go forward unless we have the courage to take a hard look at where we are today. And where we are today is not in a good place.”

His truth might be something you disagree with.

For instance, he recently said that a 90% income tax isn’t too much.

Sure, why not, in fact, go for 100% and let the government decide who gets your money!

Unsurprisingly, he did WOW Hollywood Progressives in LA over the weekend.

Progressives like to call themselves Super Liberals though Super Statists would be more appropriate. There is not all that much that is “liberal” about them beyond legalized marijuana and free love which we can have without them.

He went to several fundraisers with overflowing crowds of admirers which should scare the bejeebers out of people who value freedom and the Constitution, neither of which is dear to his Big Government heart.

The events were held at the homes of actress Mimi Kennedy and midday activists Betty and Stanley Sheinbaum. Tom Hayden was there of course, along with Days of Our Lives actress Deidre Hall, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas producer Richard Foos, Sister Act producer Cindy Gilmore Asner, filmmaker James H. Stern and actress/producer Sheila Emery.

Sanders recently told one interviewer, “What we have seen is that while the average person is working longer hours for lower wages, we have seen a huge increase in income and wealth inequality, which is now reaching obscene levels. This is a rigged economy, which works for the rich and the powerful, and is not working for ordinary Americans. You know, this country just does not belong to a handful of billionaires.”

We’ve seen a huge increase under his president and his policies but let’s not pay too much attention to the facts. If Big Government doesn’t work, let’s do more of it!

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that following his Brentwood Park [Hollywood] appearance, Sanders was off to Denver to address a huge gathering of supporters eager to drink from the cup of unadulterated progressive conviction. When I checked that, I found that the venue was also packed, only with thousands.

Of concern is Bernie’s rise in the polls. As bad as Hillary’s message is, his is worse because he’s actually telling the truth. Who knows what Hillary’s message really is.

Polls released last week from Morning Consult and Suffolk University put Sanders within 12 percentage points of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. However, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Hillary leads Sanders overall by 47 percentage points.

There is no doubt there is a surge just the same and the fact that Americans would even consider a socialist points to a new totalitarian direction for our country if we don’t start better educating people.

Bernie has a populist message that seems to say all the right things and make all the best promises but it relies on Big Government which will become a soulless beast controlling and bleeding the populace.

He appeals not only to Progressives, but to the uninformed voter who listens to soundbites.

Bernie once said,  “A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much while so many have so little…We need a tax system which asks the billionaire class to pay its fair share of taxes and which reduces the obscene degree of wealth inequality in America.”

It’s the politics of envy so loved by Marx and Lenin. It’s the failed policy of redistribution that kills innovation, competition, and real progress.

Margaret Thatcher had an answer for that! Nothing has changed and we should consider this remarkable woman’s words.



  1. Reminder to Bernie Sanders:
    “If you’re not a socialist at age 20 you have no heart. If you’re still a socialist at age 30 you have no brain.”

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