Hollywood Satirists Pervert Sesame Street Muppets


Some amoral Hollywood satirists decided to make a film using the iconic Sesame Street characters. Only problem is their puppets  are revolting, criminal and hedonistic. There are some things that shouldn’t be used for soft porn. Childrens’ beloved puppets are on that list.

Hopefully, the disgusting Hollywood perverts will lose the lawsuit Sesame Street filed.

Leftists ruin everything wholesome and good when they can. Those in Hollywood who don’t find the perversion acceptable have been silenced.


According to the Daily Mail, the producers of Sesame Street are suing over the perverted new puppet movie, The Happytime Murders.

They filed suit in federal court in New York on Thursday, claiming that the promotion of the R-rated film makes unauthorized use of the Sesame Street mark with the tagline, No Sesame. All Street.

The suit rightfully states that it will irreperably damage the brand.

The puppets in the movie are violent, copulating puppets.

The puppet characters are seen snorting drugs, committing murder, working as prostitutes, swearing, gambling and engaging in obscene sex scenes.

The production company for the movie responded by calling the Sesame Street outfit humorless and “unwilling to share the fun.”

They’re sullying the name of the late Jim Hanson and his son. Where is the humor in that?

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5 years ago

Sesame Street started out as a useful afterschool television program that was actually reinforcing reading and math skills. Then the Muppets eventually became more and more commercialized, and this is when good moral character and academic enhancement left Sesame Street. But PBS does tend to lean to the left

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Hollywood is a cesspool of gutter trash.