Look at the Iranian Nuclear Deal Notes



Hillary Clinton was fully aware of the need to keep national secrets in a secure location but decided for her own reasons to not do that. If you are thinking that it’s not a big deal and she really was discussing yoga and wedding plans, think again.

What is worse is the email probably was shared with Iran and the lies we were told about the nuclear deal come into focus. Pay special attention to this: Nothing in the agreement will limit its support for terrorism but read all of them. Also look at what they were prepared to give up and what they put on an unsecured server.

The date of this email is June 22, 2015.

In one of the emails leaked in batch 34 today, Hillary’s team is sharing notes on the Iranian nuclear deal. Huma is cc’d along with Podesta and Tom Nides who was at Morgan Stanley at the time. It was sent from gmail by her top aide Jake Sullivan. Sullivan begins by saying he has already sent detailed notes. Among the items he discussed in the memo were:

  • Enriched uranium will stay in Iran for dilution
  • Sanctions will not be phased-out commensurate with compliance
  • It is not clear what Iran will be required to do on PMD, if anything…They have yet to answer 11 of the 12 IAEA questions, yet UN sanctions will be lifted
  • US companies will be disadvantaged compared to European companies, since many US non-nuclear sanctions will remain, while all EU sanctions are nuclear-related
  • Military sites (Parchin) are likely to be off the table for inspections
  • Iran will have an industrial size nuclear program, and will be left as a “nuclear capable state”
  • Iran will be able to keep 1000 centrifuges at Fordo
  • Nothing in the agreement will limit its support for terrorism

Aside from Hillary’s criminality which Comey has decided is irrelevant in her case, the Iranians were likely among the five nations that hacked Hillary or they were given the information by Russia or China. This isn’t a very good way to negotiate.

In addition, look at what they gave away and admit to and recall all the many times none of these things were happening. The last is my favorite and I mean that with all the sarcasm I can muster.

Barack Obama thought this nuclear deal made sure he won’t have a nuclear bomb. What in this deal accomplishes that? Why didn’t he do something about ICBMs? Obviously because this was a political negotiation aimed at making him look good. Substance was of no consequence. He is even funding their terrorism now.