When Your Home Is a $20,000 Porta-Potty


Envision ports-potties here in the place of tarps.

You’re looking at the future of subsidized housing in LA. It’s California’s idea of affordable housing.

A Los Angeles hipster wants to cure LA’s homeless crisis by converting and selling porta-potties into tiny homes for under $20,000 a unit. He will donate the first one.


“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves, they need consistency,” Devine told CBS Los Angeles. “They need a good night’s rest.”

T.K. Devine, the 35-year old founder of Porta-Home has taken the toilet out and put in a bed that can handle someone 6’1. On the back is another tiny potty with a toilet and an outdoor spigot.

He’s deliberately lived in a truck and now in one of his potties for four years.

The porta-potty is a larger unit built for the handicapped and under the bed is a mini-fridge.

He envisions a garden atop the unit irrigated by recycled water with nearby solar panels to power the home. It sits on a trailer bed and can be put on any residential property. He hasn’t worked out those details yet.

This will be lovely on Rodeo Drive and in Beverly Hills. We hear Nancy Pelosi will donate five acres of her vineyard for these potties.

He has a website and will document what it is like living in his tiny home.

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