This Home Depot Employee’s Photo Went Viral, Stirred Up the Social Media Masses


Krystal Lakd hat

Home Depot cashier Krystal Lake – a Bernie supporter – had the hat she’s wearing custom made. As she checked out customers at a Home Depot in Staten Island, she wore the hat to make a statement by her own admission. She said she’s not an America hater and wanted to just let people know that America was never that great, adding that it was more of a statement against Donald Trump.

I can’t really post the responses for and against here on the Sentinel. They’re vulgar, bizarre and depressing.

The 22-year old Staten Island college student says she’s had racist statements and even death threats hurled at her online since she wore the hat to her job at Home Depot over the weekend, the Staten Island Advance reported.

“The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement,” Lake says. “I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, ‘Let’s look to the past.'” She also notes that she’s sure she rubbed a lot of Staten Islanders the wrong way because the area is such a Trump stronghold. “Trump is very rash and in your face, but when someone else has a message against him, his supporters can’t take the criticisms,” says Lake, a media studies major at the College of Staten Island.

That’s not exactly what the hat says.

She’s going into the media! No surprises there. Many more Bernie supporters will to into media and communications no doubt.



  1. Her boss should have told her to remove it and to keep her personal points of view to her personal time, not work time. she wore it and now she has to face the music. I don’t think Trump is great but I sure as hell think my country is.

  2. When I worked among the public, I was not allowed to wear anything political. That is just the way it is and the way it should be.

  3. If she does not like it in the USA .(leave ) The USA is great and any down fall is because of people like her that come here and want it handed to them . Many have died so she can blow her mouth off . She can fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are a idiot CHRIS ! If you’re such a patriot you should know the great us has never fought a defensive war ! We have the freedoms of expression and free speech. If you had a f-ck of a clue you would know army men hired to follow someone’s order to kill and be paid for that job did not gain us GOD’S given rights. Buy a clue and do your own research instead of parroting your clueless drivel.

        • Not much more hilarious than a half-wit who thinks he’s a genius because his mommy told him so, while he was playing his video games on the couch in the basement. Not that I disagree with the point he was trying to make, but it misses the mark when you use words like “never” and then “get a clue” over and over – when he, himself, seems a bit clueless. Gotta love all that education the gubment is providing.

      • Are you serious? Army men? What is this tinker toys? The Revolutionary war, the War of 1812, we were invited to WWII and fought battles in Alaska, there was a little defensive war called the Civil War where the South attacked the North. So let’s not talk about buying clues when you are clueless. All wars fought on American soil. You need to slap your history teacher on that one.

        Those army men, you know NOTHING about, afford you, regardless of how asinine and ignorant filled you half assed diatribe is, the ability for you to get on the ‘net and spot your vile ignorance. So next time you see a vet try not to be an ungrateful prick and thank them, for not slapping your dumb ass for being such a non-essential human waste.

        People like you, and Krystal should do us all a favor. Since you hate this country, the country that allows you the freedoms to make an ass of yourself, please feel free to leave American at an time. See how awful it is here.

  4. She may not think that America was ever great but . . . I bet she can’t name one county that has ever been as good. We live in a country that has defined “Greatness” since the Constitution and the Bill of Rights . . .

    • She’s only 22 years old. That means she was only 14 or 15 when Obama was elected president. What could she possibly know about U.S. History?! I’m sick of all whiners who whine about their own country.

  5. If America is “not so great,” why are you here working a job, which many of us veterans are having a hard time getting, and benefitting from America’s way of life? And if you do feel that way, why don’t you have sense enough not to display your warped feelings on your JOB? The logic of some of the people of this generation blows my mind.

  6. Too young to understand how good our country is to her! If you’ve never been anywhere you are more easily swayed by rhetric!

  7. Too young to understand how good our country is to her! If you’ve never been anywhere you are more easily swayed by rhetoric!

  8. She is a “bernie” supporter, so she wants everything given to her. Surprised she is even working. Of course, now she is unhappy that her little tantrum has caused people to give her grief. Honey, if you can’t stand the heat, maybe you should stay out of the kitchen. Home Depot, I suspect you could find a veteran with a great work ethic AND a love for his country to replace her.

  9. then tell her get the hell out of the country what a P O S should be reprimanded and without pay for a month or two if home depot allows this then I will never set foot in their store again i’ll bet if I wore a confederate flag shirt they would tell me to leave or a white lives matter shirt I would be told to leave too

  10. Such a pretty picture. The bull ring in the nose is a nice touch. I imagine that surly expression greets the customers she is forced to wait on, as well. If she feels America is so bad, why doesn’t she pack up and leave? Because she couldn’t pull this crap anywhere else!

  11. She is young and still learning, We can only pray that some day she and people like her will appreciate the good things that so many people fought to get this countries freedom.
    From the very beginning when the pilgrims landed, to the Boston tea party, the Red coats, our fore fathers wrote the constitute, they built this country under god, the giver/taker of life.
    Betsy Ross, Francis Key Scott, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther, King JR–this man’s message has gotten lost and needs to be found/taught, preached but never forgotten.
    So many beige, yellow, white, black, brown, red, green, men and women with their sweat and tears, built this country. The good, bad, ugly, and unjust, liars (Clinton), dreamers, changers/hopefuls (Trump).

  12. I worked HOME DEPOT and we were not allowed to wear hats with logos and especially political ones other than vendor product as it looks like a HOME DEPOT endorsement. Shame on her management for not having her remove it. You cant fix stupid, but you can make them take the hat off.

  13. I dont think that the managers would approve of employees wearing anything with political
    Logos on the job! I cant believe both of then chose to wear something like this! No common sense!

  14. The sad thing is she is not even old enough to know if America has been great, in the past. I lived through the 40’s and 50’s. I saw America when she was a great and grand lady. Much of that has been lost due to politics. We no longer can see that, but with the right change of attitude in her people and her politicians, she could be great again. It would take a lot of work, but it would be worth it.

  15. I think it is refreshing to see a young person using an “Entitlement” properly…She is certainly “entitled” to express her opinion. Still, I wonder if she knows a lot of “Great” American men and women have died for her right to free speech. was she taught that in her Public School History class? At least she is just wearing a hat and not burning down her own neighborhood. Good for her

  16. Its this simple, first of all Krystal you were wrong to wear your political views to work and your boss was wrong to let you. And second of all, when wearing your little hat did you think about how many customers ( you know the ones that pay your wage) you were going to offend during your shift! Because I really believe that you did know that you would offend someone and for that reason along I would have either written you up and or sent you home. You intentionally and willfully were trying to stir up a problem. Well congratulation job well done! PS Hey Krystal if you brought all this negativity to my place of business, I would have fired you!

  17. America is the greatest in the world. Anyone can fail or succeed, but at least we all have Opportunities afford us to try. We offer free education K-12 paid by the taxpayers. If she thinks America isn’t great because of our past, let her dwell on this for a moment, we are great because we moved away from our past. Slavery for instance. Slavery is still rampant in many parts of the world, it is called the Sex Slave Trade. She is lucky enough to have a job at Home Depot because we are a Capitalist Nation not a Socialist nation. Tell the young lady that she should be grateful that she can earn a living and not live in squalor like many unfortunate people around the world. Lastly, people flee to America for what she is “complaining” about…. I bet she couldn’t even explain her position on why she thinks America is not so great. While Men and Women lie in National Cemeteries (does she even know what that is a — “National Cemetery”)? She speaks freely while others died so that she can express her freedom of speech. If she chooses to bad mouth America, maybe she should research other nations and consider moving out of the USA. I’ll help her pack.

  18. I pray for people who cannot see the wealth of goodness in their lives – family, country, freedom. The expression on her face is telling of what is on the inside. I wonder what countries she thinks are better … would she want to live – someplace in Africa, under Boko harim rules, where females are less prestigious than cattle.

  19. She thinks America was never great. I doubt she ever went to any other country to see the difference. This person has a better standard of living than most people around the world. As a retired Army SFC I spent 20+ years, as did my Dad, so she can go to college (I didn’t get the chance). A number of my friends died in bad ways so she can be so privileged. Shame on her.

  20. I’m almost 70 years old, and I deserve a free education more than this person. And, she doesn’t even realize that 50% of that $15 an hour she is going to get would be to support all that free stuff that Bernie is promising. I have to think about what her wage increase would do to the cost of living and my Social Security check? Cost of living will go up, and my check will not be worth as much. So, the poor will be poorer. Some people just don’t look at the whole picture and are just greedy, and want free stuff…..NOW.

  21. I wonder what would happen if one of their Employees wore a Make America Great Again hat to work?
    I guarantee they would be written up and sent home for the day.
    This is the World we live in today, where there is a double standard for everything the “Left” doesn’t agree with.
    They are nothing but Hipocrites.

  22. The real problem here is neither this pathetic girl’s ignorance of history nor even Home Depot’s gutless kowtowing to politically correct racial fantasies; it is the intellectual rape committed upon her and her contemporaries by the Liberal dominated Public School System, which has a vested interest in producing dumbed-down morons incapable of making an informed vote… as this deluded young woman proves. I have little doubt she will either be casting her vote for Hitlery Clinton or Bolshevik Bernie Sanders without having a CLUE as what either of them truly stands for beyond the ocean of lies that have been poured into her head like toxic sludge by the propagandists who have raped her mind. I pity her.

  23. Research Donald Marshall and Underground bases and Celebrity Cloning.

    Project Pegasus, MKULTRA, Mockingbird, Vrill Society, NAZI Bell,

    None of you live in a real world, none of you are aware of your history you are all being lied to.

  24. Don’t waste valuable by responding……Just make certain to openly express why WE LOVE AMERICA…..and vote accordingly.

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