Home Schooling Family in Germany Have Children Forcibly Taken



Photo of the Wunderlich family of Darmstadt. The children were taken forcibly because their parents home tutored them.

Suppose you have four young children and you are home teaching them. Now suppose armed police with a battering ram break down your door and take your children from you only because you are home schooling them. How would you feel? It happened in Darmstadt, Germany. The parents have been told they won’t see their children any time soon.

Read the report at the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Germany indoctrinates their children which is what will be going on in the US after Common Core is fully implemented. Welcome to Socialism or maybe Communism would be a more apt descriptor….read about it at WND

The same thing happened to the home schooling Romeike family who fled Germany for the US. Eric Holder wants to deport them to Germany where they will lose custody of their children. Holder, who wants to give amnesty to millions, will not give them asylum. Holder is opposed to home tutoring. It’s not a leap to envision a similar scenario in the near future in the US. Read about the Romeike family on this link.

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