Homeless in Seattle, Vagrant in Progressive City Rapes Woman in a Car Wash


Progressive” politics are absolutely destroying Seattle. Shocking stories emerge daily to rival only those of San Francisco. Here is one example.

A 24-year-old homeless man in Seattle was charged Wednesday with raping a woman in a Seattle car dealership bathroom when she dropped her car off for repairs, a Fox 13 affiliate reported.

Christopher Edward Teel was arrested Monday when car dealership employees heard the assault and tired to help the woman.

He was charged Wednesday with first-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment. There has been a warrant out for him for trespssing since last year.


Teel followed the victim up a ramp to a temporary bathroom by dealership offices and entered the women’s restroom.

Teel went into the bathroom behind her and locked the door. He banged loudly on the stall door and tried to open it. The victim used her feet to try to keep the door closed, but Teel busted through and dragged the woman out.

The victim told police the defendant stated, “You want this, God wants this,” and that she replied, “God does not want this!”

Teel removed the victim’s clothes and sexually assaulted her. She screamed for help, but the suspect choked the woman to make her stop.

A dealership employee using the restroom next door heard the commotion and tried to enter the woman’s bathroom. The victim by this time managed to unlock the door and let the two dealership employees in. One employee held Teel until police arrived.

The suspect was arrested, and admitted to raping the victim, according to court documents. That should be a slam dunk even for the leftists running Seattle into the ground.

How does this woman get ther life back or is this poor homeless man the victim? For the left, one never knows. They are the party of criminals and the demented ones.

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