Homeless NYC Muslim Threatens to “Kill Any Christians”


Last Monday, a homeless man asked a congregant outside a nondenominational Christian church in New York City if he was a Christian. When he answered he was, the man Noel Droni pulled out a wrench and broke the glass doors of the church.

He yelled “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “(Our) God is greater,” and then vowed violence, police said. “I am going to blow up the church and come back and kill any Christians,” he said, according to court papers.

When police arrived and arrested Droni, he refused to answer questions, authorities said. He was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and is being held on $1,000 bail.

The man’s lawyer is pleased that the outcome will be favorable. In other words, he’s probably getting probation. One wonders if he’s a citizen or a refugee and could be deported but you’ll never know because it’s hard-left New York City. They’ll say he’s just disturbed or needs rehab.

The incident happened around 6:36 p.m. on Monday at a church located at 237 W. 51st St.

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