Homes for the Homeless in LA Backyards, Peace Circles in Seattle


Los Angeles, California officials are pursuing a new plan to combat homelessness in the city by paying homeowners to build small houses in their backyards.

The $550,000 pilot program includes constructing a handful of backyard houses or upgrading illegally converted garages for homeowners who agree to allow a homeless person or family to live there. Months later, in February, The Mayor’s Challenge granted them another $100,000.

The NIMBYs blocked housing for the homeless in several cities so they decided to offer payment to homeowners to take them into their backyards.

Rents under the county’s pilot program would be covered by low-income vouchers [taxpayers], with tenants contributing 30% of their incomes. The county is also sponsoring a design competition, streamlining permits and providing technical aid and financing options.

Seattle Peace Circles

In Seattle, to address violent juvenile crime, prosecutors are using a therapeutic approach involving “peace circles” and burning sage for rehabilitation. Even after a murder charge against their perfect candidate, it will continue.

A judge can actually order the circles to lessen criminal sentences after a teen has already pleaded guilty. Supporters say the focus on healing rather than punishment can deter future offenses.

The approach is on healing rather than punishment, self-reflection rather than incarceration for youth. In the idealistic world of the misguided moonbats, it works. But in reality, jail is a lot safer for their potential victims. Evil exists and some people are incorrigible.

It’s lawlessness, definitely not law enforcement. It ignores the victims.

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