Honduran president could be sending large amounts of cocaine to the US


Hondurans set fire to the U.S. Embassy in their country for the second time this week because we back their President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Unfortunately, the alternative to him is a communist. It may be that Hernandez isn’t a good guy either.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was one of the subjects of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation into a large-scale drug-trafficking operation.

The DEA has been investigating Hernandez, along with eight of his closest advisers and family members, since about 2013.

They are suspected of taking part in drug-trafficking and money laundering activities tied to cocaine importation to the United States. This is according to documents filed this week in the Southern District of New York.

The new court filing is part of the pre-trial motions in the case of Hernandez’s brother Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, who was arrested in 2018 in Miami and accused of scheming for years to bring tons of cocaine into the country. His trial is expected to start in September.

The documents are part of pretrial motions for Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez, the president’s brother.

He was arrested in 2018 in Miami and is accused of scheming for years to bring cocaine into America. His trial will likely begin in September, according to the AP.


“This investigation, undertaken in 2015, showed that there were no grounds for bringing charges against the Honduran government or any of its close associates,” the Honduran presidency said in a statement, according to Bloomberg.

The statement goes on to explain how the Honduran government has implemented “strategies” to fight organized crime and drug cartels, the main issues plaguing the impoverished nation.

“Today Honduras has converted its hostile territory for narcotrafficking, to the extent that the International Central Maritime Against Drug Trafficking in Colombia moved Honduras’s position from 1 to 12 as a country receiving drugs that travel to the US consumer market.”


The U.S. government has supported Honduras and its government under Hernandez, giving millions of dollars toward security cooperation. Honduras is a big shipment point for cocaine heading to the U.S., the AP reported.

The Central American countries and Mexico are narco-states. Still, our borders are open so these foreigners can bring this culture into the United States.

There was trouble in Hernandez’s re-election in 2017, with election monitors saying the votes were flawed.

Trump’s administration recognized his 2017 victory, Bloomberg reported. John Kelly was the key reason for the support. He said Hernandez did a great deal to stop the flow of drugs.

The DEA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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