Hong Kong Voters Choose 85% Pro-Democracy Candidates


Seventy percent of thr Hong Kong voters came out to vote Sunday and eighty-five percent went for the pro-democracy candidates. Only thirteen percent went to Beijing.

The New York Post reported that the voters turned out in record numbers and sent a strong message to Beijing.

Nearly three million out of 4.1 million registered voters in the Chinese territory cast their ballots.

“This is the power of democracy. This is a democratic tsunami,” said Tommy Cheung, a former student protest leader who won a seat in the Yuen Long district close to China’s border, according to the Post

Some voting centers broke out into loud cheers of “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution Now,” a protest slogan.

The history-making 71 percent turnout was the highest since 1997 when the district council elections were established following the handover from British rule.

The district council elections are the closest Hong Kong residents get to direct representation.

Legislators are picked partly by popular votes and partly by interest groups representing different sectors of society. The city’s chief executive is chosen by a 1,200-member body packed with supporters of the Chinese central government, reported the Post.


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