House Democrats Might Have Employed the DNC Leakers and They Weren’t Russians


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Six members of the Awan family worked for the House Democrats and had access to the confidential information on the House servers. That’s not the worst of it. While investigating the family for theft and corruption, the FBI discovered the existence of a secret server that was funneling congressional data off-site.

We keep hearing about Russians, but what about these people?

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently uncovered an investigation into the suspicious activities of four brothers and their relatives who worked for House Democrats, several as IT professionals. The brothers and other family members worked in various government positions and were fired over possible involvement in criminal and/or espionage activities that included a breach of House security systems.

It turns out that at least one brother also possessed the password to an iPad that had access to some or all of the leaked DNC data.

The lead suspect, Imran Awan, possessed the password to an iPad belonging to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the then-Chair of the DNC. It was at the same time the DNC – the Democrat National Committee – was breached.

The Wasserman iPad mixed data from the DNC, the campaign and the House.

Alarmingly, Imran and a number of his family members worked for the House Democrats and are accused of hijacking highly sensitive data from the computers and transferring the material to a third, outside server.

Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile originally claimed the leaked emails were fabricated, then she said the Russians did it. Imagine if Democrats knew other key Democrats accidentally allowed the data to be breached through negligence? The Russia excuse takes on a special appeal.

Democrat interim chair Donna Brazile would not let the FBI look through their computers during the investigation of the DNC leak. Could this be the reason why?

That’s not at all suspicious!

In fact, Donald Trump, who tends to have an uncanny sense about these things, tweeted about it.

Wasserman-Schulz and New York Representative Gregory Meeks were also socially friendly with Awan and his wife.

To say Democrats are naive would be an understatement.

The FBI picked up the possible treachery by the Awans after they found a secret server funneling congressional data off-site, the DCNF reported.

It is yet to be proven the Awans are spies. They are tied to criminals and mob-like organizations. They also appear to love money. The family worked for about 80 members of Congress — all Democrats.

There are accusations of stolen equipment, use of listening devices in various schemes, and money being stashed in Pakistan.

Also, while they were supposed to be working for the House, they ran an LLC called “CIA”, a car dealership racking up debt and fraud accusations.

No one from the DNC is commenting but one must wonder why the only scenario being considered when it comes to leaks and hacks is one that involves Russians. The Democrats themselves might have leaked the data inadvertently – hopefully inadvertently. That makes them simply stupid and not traitorous. It also means the Russians might not have done it.

Read the full story at the Daily Caller.

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