Hordes of Leftists Vow to Resist Justice Kavanaugh


The eminently qualified Justice Kavanaugh will continue to be a victim of the Resistance. A petition to impeach him has reached 155,000 signatures. Democrat ‘leaders’ have decided to put off talk of impeachment until after the election when they will revisit the idea if they win the House or the Senate.

The left is demanding his recusal on just about every issue. They want to make him into Jeff Sessions, but he is no Jeff Sessions. It’s not likely he will recuse.

The Socialist Workers organization has vowed to continue resisting until they destroy him.

Law schools are another problem. They have become dens of leftist extremism.

Hordes of law students walked out of class in New York on Wednesday, one day after Justice Brett Kavanaugh heard his first cases on the Supreme Court, to protest his confirmation.

“There’s a lot of rage now all across the political spectrum,” Justine Medina, a Brooklyn Law School student who helped organized the demonstration, told The Washington Post.

The rage is brewing among radical leftists and it is fomented by the radical agitators.


Yesterday, Kamala Harris used a hearing on national security and threats to our nation to demand information about the Kavanaugh probe.

“Was the FBI given full discretion to, or was the scope of the investigation limited by, the direction you received from the White House?” Sen. Kamala Harris asked Director Christopher Wray.

Wray explained that the probe was limited in scope which is standard for these types of investigations.

Ethics violations have been filed against the Justice, claiming he lied about being a drunk as a teen. Chief Justice John Roberts sent them back to the federal courts.

The judiciary’s rules allow members of the public to lodge complaints about federal judges. They typically are dealt with by experienced judges in the courthouse or region where a judge serves.

Roberts assigned the complaints to the ethics council of the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to deal with the complaints.

The violations appear to be coming from the Democratic Coalition, a well-funded group that orchestrated much of the mob protests during the confirmation hearings.

The left has promised that this will not stop.


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  1. Are you pathetic Dimocrats having trouble breathing, having another panic attack? You crazy lunatics are not going to unseat Kavanaugh no matter how desperate you are. Continue crying, screaming and clawing at Supreme Courts doors but it will do no good. You losers have sealed your own fate by showing your hand in full display for all Americans to see. Dimocrat leaders know they are going to be wiped out in November. The best part of this is that they did it to themselves by creating a false narrative on Kavanaugh. Gotta love it!

  2. Ford is a liar and tool of evil unprincipled Democrats. She lied about her fear of flying; lied about being claustrophobic; lied about the polygraph test; lied about her ex-boyfriend’s credit card & charged $600 on it; & lied about when her second front door was installed.

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