Horowitz’s FISA abuse report is imminent but Grassley’s had enough


Attorney General Bill Barr said during a presser that the loooong-awaited FISA abuse report will be released imminently. According to other reports, ‘imminently’ means before Thanksgiving.

Multiple news outlets reported Tuesday that Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, has invited witnesses interviewed in connection with the investigation to review portions of the forthcoming report. The step is routine in investigations conducted by inspectors general and typically signals that the release of the report is near. 

Horowitz told lawmakers in June that his investigators had interviewed more than 100 witnesses and reviewed more than 1 million documents during the investigation, which began in March 2018.

Senator Grassley has had enough. He’s sick of waiting.

He tweeted, “If FISA Inspector General Horowitz report doesn’t come out next week when they said it would then I will be very disappointed & left to wonder WHAT THE GAME IS?? Is someone at FBI or DOJ tying IGs hands??”

What we think we know from leaks so far is:

1) It’s coming around Thanksgiving, 2) It’s long, 3) Mostly unredacted, 4) Likely full of criminal referrals, 5) Durham has already impaneled a grand jury, 6) Will wreck DOJ careers at the highest levels, and 7) Will result in several indictments.

Could this Comey and Brennan be heading for the Big House? We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We can have a trial like the one Dems are giving the President. We won’t need evidence, gossip will do since, as we found out yesterday during the hearing, gossip is often better than facts.

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