Horrible! IRS Special Agent Accused of Shoving Gun in Intern’s Mouth, Raping Her


This is a horrible story. James R. Clarke, an IRS agent in Boston, allegedly stuck a gun in an intern’s mouth and raped her in his government-issued car. He is also accused of choking the 21-year old college student.

Since the woman called 911 accusing him of rape, Clarke has been allowed to continue working where he can rape the taxpayers.

The Globe first reported on the alleged assault in November, noting that Clarke had not been arrested and was allowed to continue working at the IRS despite the ongoing investigation. His government-issued car and government-issued gun were seized and possibly not returned.

The 44-year old Clarke invited her for a drink and got her drunk. He then offered to drive her to the train station, according to the indictments. While parked in the Government Center Garage, he assaulted her with his government-issued handgun and “subjected her to sexual acts against her will”, the DA’s office reports.

The agent drove her to South Station and allegedly assaulted her again inside the car, according to authorities.

She called police immediately went to the hospital and denies it was voluntary as Clarke insists.

Clarke was arraigned April 5th and released on his own recognizance since he has been cooperative with police.

Townhall reported he is due back in court May 9. The IRS refused to comment on Clarke’s employment status but if he’s found guilty, they say there is a process to fire him.

He is a special agent in the inspector general division.

The 911 call was made immediately.

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