Horrible Passing Thought – Eric Holder for Supreme Court Justice


Eric Holder, the racist in charge of the Department of Justice, who also happens to be in contempt of Congress, is stepping down after nearly 6 years of dividing the country along racial lines. It’s not a time for rejoicing, however. He will be replaced by someone equally incompetent and perhaps biased.

The Department of Justice has been completely politicized, at least at the higher levels, and is nothing more than a vehicle for Barack Obama to control law enforcement which he believes is unfair to blacks.

There are rumors going around DC that Obama is pushing Justice Ginsberg to retire so he can install Eric Holder. He would have to do it soon and have Harry Reid employ the nuclear option for the Supreme Court. Even then, Republicans should be able to block it but who knows.

MSNBC – The Ed Show – recently floated the idea that Barack Obama and Eric Holder would make great Supreme Court Justices. They would be “great choices,” host Michael Dyson said.

Georgetown University Professor, Michael Eric Dyson, standing in for Ed Schultz, said that Obama would probably be uninterested – he’s such a humanitarian (with our money) and family man – he’ll be busy.

He did agree that Eric Holder would probably never get through.

When Holder gives up all the information about Fast & Furious, the IRS, Benghazi, stops persecuting whites and letting New Black Panthers off, and so on, we’ll consider it.

You might think this impossible, but have you looked at the crew in charge of our country lately? It’s terrifying. Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, Jeh Johnson, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Eric Holder…they’re liars and they’re incompetent.


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