Horrific Images & Video of One Florida Town That Is No Longer There


Gov. Rick Scott said this morning that people from Florida’s Panhandle to the Big Bend woke up to “unimaginable destruction.” He says Hurricane Michael has changed lives forever, and “many families have lost everything.” The governor added that “this hurricane was an absolute monster.”

One Florida town is gone.

Mexico Beach, a small resort town in Panama City, population 1,072, is no longer there. It is literally part of the ocean, and houses and businesses are submerged or destroyed.

The town of Mexico Beach suffered a direct hit from Hurricane Michael while it was a Cat 4.

Entire blocks of homes near the beach have been washed away, leaving nothing but concrete slabs in the sand. Rows and rows of other homes are smashed to pieces or crunched to the ground and leaning at odd angles.

Hurricane Michael has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm but it left tremendous devastation. Two people in Florida have so far been reported killed. One girl died when a tree fell through her house.



  1. Shark picture is a known hoax. Read the comments on the twitter feed. Independent Sentinel, appreciate your accuracy in other articles. This undermines that. Please remove shark on Hwy pic.

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