Horrific Live Video of Black Assailants Torturing White Special Needs Man


Update: 1/5/16: Officials suggested it was not a hate crime. After a negative reaction, they did charge them with a hate crime according to Fox News. However as of 4:2pm EST, no charges have been filed.

The Chicago Police Chief Kevin Duffin said, “Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.”

This Is a Hate Crime

Fox 32 Chicago has four people in custody after they uploaded a video showing them hitting and even kicking a tied up white man. He turned out to be a special needs person.

“The victim, who has special needs, was a high-risk missing person from northwest suburban Crystal Lake, police say,” CBS reported.

The video was uploaded to Facebook live Tuesday by a user named Brittany Herring who appears in the video.

It runs 30 minutes long as the gagged white man is repeatedly humiliated and tortured. If this were the reverse and white people were abusing a black youth, how do you think it would be treated?

These four have to be the stupidest people alive. They didn’t think they’d get caught? One of the assailants runs it live on her account and she thinks it’s fun?

In this screenshot the African-American assailants are screaming “F*ck Donald Trump, f*ck white people” as they lift him up by a rope around his neck.

Her alleged Facebook page is disgusting.

They need to be charged with a hate crime.

This video is absolutely horrific and upsetting, watch with caution.

Another video was found.

The horrific little narrator is sorry now. What did she think was going to happen? She was never taught right from wrong. There are a lot of little sociopaths like her and if Hillary won, there would have been more of this. Hillary encouraged lawlessness just as Obama has.

The police found the man walking around disoriented and transported him to a local hospital. Officers subsequently responded to a battery at the location, and tied the signs of struggle at the scene to the disoriented male. It was not until later that the police learned of the video of the horrific crime.

The sick individuals fit the classic textbook definition of terrorists and haters, “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” There is plenty of violence, and their profanity-laced ranting about Trump certainly seems to cover the political aspect.

So far Tucker is the only mainstream journalist to cover this.

There is no mention of terrorism or it being a hate crime in the local news reports, and no charges have yet been filed against the depraved criminals.

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