Horrific Mass Killings in Thousand Oaks, 13 Dead, Several Injured – Updated


Update: The killer is 28 years of age and his name is Ian David Long. He was a victim in a bar incident in 2015. When officers went to his house, he was somewhat incoherent. After review by mental health professionals at the time. He was not believed to be a threat and he was cleared. That allowed him to buy a gun. His interactions were over two minor traffic incidents and calls for battery. Mr. Long is a Marine veteran. He used a Glock, .45 caliber with an extended magazine to commit the crimes. 

Mr. Long likely killed himself in an office next to the bar. There does not seem to be any targeting or motive at this point.

Without saying a word, a mysterious man in black clutching a semi-automatic pistol opened fire on a California bar packed with college students celebrating “country night” Wednesday, the unidentified shooter claiming the lives of at least 12 patrons — and a veteran sheriff’s sergeant one day from retirement — before the gunman was found dead.

Hundreds of people — including students from California Lutheran University and private Christian school Pepperdine University — were inside Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif., for the country music event when shots suddenly rang out at about 11:20 p.m., Ventura County police said.


The gunman, according to a young eyewitness, was shooting randomly and didn’t appear to be targeting anyone in particular. The LA Times says the gunman, age 29, drove his mother’s car to the bar, threw smoke bombs and grenades, and then opened fire upon entering. Witnesses said he never spoke. His identity has not been released.

Several people who escaped the bar described a gunman clad in a black shirt, black hat and black glasses. He seemed to concentrate fire on the front of the venue as soon as he entered, witnesses said.

“He just pulled out a gun and shot my friend that was working the front desk,” said Holden Harrah, 21.

Matthew Wernerstrom, a regular at Borderline, said he had been inside about an hour when he heard what he described as an unmistakable sound — a gunshot. Wernerstrom said that as the shooter concentrated his fire on the front desk, he pulled as many people as he could to the floor and under a pool table.

He said he tried to quiet those around him and count the shots fired. Wernerstrom said that when the assailant seemed to be reloading, he urged people to smash open some of the bar’s windows with chairs, hoping to escape before the next volley of gunfire came.

“All I could think about was how helpless I was,” he said.


Deputies and highway patrolmen arrived at the bar within minutes of receiving multiple 911 calls and began assessing the grim, gruesome situation, Sheriff Geoff Dean said during an early Thursday press conference.

It is a horrific scene in there. There is blood everywhere,” Dean said.

Sheriff Sgt. Ron Helus

A sheriff Sgt. Ron Helus charged in to through the front door of the bar because the shooting was still going on. He came face-to-face with the killer who shot him multiple times. The sheriff later died from his wounds. The 29-year veteran of the force was one day from retirement.

He had entered with patrolmen. The patrolmen rescued the deputy from the line of gunfire and he was taken to a local hospital, where he died early Thursday.

Sgt. Helus is described as “just a great guy”.



Here’s What We Know About Killer at Borderline Bar & Grill David Long


  1. This is as fake as Las Faka$$ and Sandy Hoax, just another drill, move along drones, nuffins to see/hear, our government is taking good care of us ….

  2. For those who ask “what, specifically, can be done. and why is this happening…?”

    For starters, shine a light on the current method of treatment that in many cases, consists, solely, of the prescription of questionable antidepressant and antipsychotic medications. A doctor will often see a patient for as little as fifteen minutes before prescribing potentially dangerous drugs with ..”that will be $250.00, please, and I’ll see you in six months.” There is little or no follow-up as to the potentially dangerous reaction to these drugs and, if sanctioned, whether or not the patient is actually taking them. And while we’re on the subject of ‘drugs,’ perhaps our ‘public awareness system’ might attempt to make people aware of the fact that recreational drugs do cause a major shift in brain chemistry; and while the reality is that not everyone who uses these mind altering substances will commit mayhem -like not everyone who smokes cigarettes will die of lung cancer or emphysema- some, enough, will.
    Shall I go on…?
    The average price of private institutional care, in this country, is approximately $40,000- 60,000 a month which answers the question .. “why didn’t the family DO something!” Public treatment, in most states, consists of 72 hours ‘observation’ and back ye go onto the streets. And it has been established that ‘involuntary commitment is a violation of civil rights unless the person has been proven to be a danger to ‘himself or others.’ In other words, unless a dangerous act has been committed, there is little that can, legally, be done to actually prevent a ‘dangerous act’ from being committed…
    So far.. so much for cause and treatment, let’s move on to… the breakdown of social values and family structure that causes internal pressures, anger and mental collapse.. a state that no amount of legislation will or can modify or correct.
    But, the reality is that we have over 350 million people in this country and if we concede that as little as .0001 are raving lunatics, we still have 35,000 potential monsters roaming our streets. We could outlaw every potential weapon on the planet, incarcerate or contain any possible villian, ignore ‘civil rights,’ completely and we would still have “35,000 monsters roaming our streets.”
    The bottom line is .. what can be done… a little of everything. We might try toning down our own anger and vitriol, stop glorifying the perpetrator and focus on the victims, demand, at least, a focus on the dangers of ‘recreational drug use,’ hold the professionals to account for the actions of their patients, offer comprehensive treatment options to families that , currently have no options, rethink our laws that prevent involuntary treatment or institutionalization … create, fund and monitor mental health institutions and programs. And above all, I suppose.. be vigilant.

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  4. If the bar had a no gun zone policy, they should be liable for all deaths and injuries since they did not have proper protection for the crowd.

    • Yeah, it didn’t mention if the bouncer even carried. Reminds me of that college shooting a few years back – Washington/Oregon? – they didn’t let their security guards carry guns, something about it sent the wrong image, might make people feel less safe or some other nonsense. Like they thought their feel good viewpoints created a subliminal bubble around the campus that would keep bad things from happening.

  5. Dressed in black, long trench coat, Christian students at country music event….

    Will this be yet another mass shooting where, a year later, nobody knows why?

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