Horrific shooting in Gilroy & Biden is already campaigning on it


At least four people are now reportedly killed and 15 more were injured in a shooting at a garlic festival in Gilroy, Calif., on Sunday, the authorities said. Among the dead is a little six-year old boy.

A suspect, a white male, carrying an assault-style rifle was fatally shot by the Gilroy police.

To reach the festival, the suspect appeared to have crossed a bordering creek and cut a perimeter fence, the police chief said. The event was a weapons-free zone.

If the event is gun-free, they need to have cops present. The police say they got there in a minute, however.

One musician asked the man, ‘Why are you shooting?’ The shooter allegedly said ‘because I’m angry.’

The police are still searching for a possible accomplice.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is an annual three-day event held at Christmas Hill Park, so miles southeast of San Jose. Gilroy, a city of about 60,000 people, is a major producer of garlic and is home to agricultural workers and people who commute to technology jobs.

Witnesses of the Gilroy, California shooting reported seeing the shooter wearing some kind of Army fatigues. One witness described it as “almost like a police uniform — almost like.” Another witness described it as a “flack jacket” and a brown hat.

“I didn’t really hear anything,” said Ryan Wallace. “He walked up almost like in police uniform — almost like. He rose his gun up, and, just, started spraying out rounds.”

“Yeah, yeah, I watched him do it, and he hit — I was working one of the pieces of equipment here — the play equipment — and he went right up and started spreading and walking across the field.”

Wallace said that the shooter was walking around like a police offer trying to “get stuff done.”


Joe Biden is already using it as a campaign slogan and he doesn’t have a clue about the details. Was the man in possession of the gun legally? Was he insane? Biden knows nothing.

Even Gavin Newsom didn’t do that. He spoke of the victims.

Then you have your racists


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