Horror in Greenville! 2 Killed, a dozen injured in possibly targeted shooting


Two people were killed and at least 12 to 14 others were injured in an off-campus homecoming party in a bar. Some victims are in critical condition. It was not sanctioned by the Texas A & M University as originally reported, although it was allegedly to celebrate the Commerce College homecoming.

The shooter used a 9mm handgun, according to the sheriff. Some witnesses say it was a rifle, but Officer Meeks confirmed it was a handgun.

As of this morning, the killer was at large. There are no good leads since the witnesses gave very different descriptions of the suspect or suspects.


Authorities say the suspect does not pose a threat to public safety.

“We believe this was a separate incident,” the sheriff said. “There might have been somebody there that was targeted. We’re not for certain. We’re still trying to follow up on those leads.”

“The shooter came in the backdoor and the first victim, we think, may have been his target victim,” Meeks said when pressed on his assessment by a reporter. “We’re going by theory and circumstantial evidence that we have–the rest of them were random.”

Investigators have yet to establish a motive but are looking for a single shooter, the chief deputy said. The witnesses are NOT cooperating.

The sheriff said police were at the scene by 11:41 and the shooting began at 12:05 a.m. Police were there due to numerous complaints about parking issues. The shooting was over in five minutes, but because of the chaotic scene, the suspect or suspects were able to flee the scene. There were about 750 people at the venue.

There are rumors of gang involvement, but we can’t confirm it.

The FBI and Texas Rangers are assisting in the investigation, he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of those affected by this morning’s shooting in Greenville,” Texas A&M University-Commerce said in a statement.

The university and its police department are working with the sheriff’s office to determine whether any of the victims are students, the statement says. The victims are young and the sheriff believes four or five of the victims are students.

These videos are graphic, please beware. We did not post the most brutal videos, and they have probably been taken down by now. They are too hurtful for the families of the victims.

The anti-gun people are out on Twitter demanding gun control and we don’t even know what went on or why. Also, we have gun control. The killer could have used a bomb or any number of weapons.

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