Hospitals Are Given ‘Opportunities’ to Push More People onto Medicaid



Photo of a Trojan horse and the phrase, ‘Obamacare, the gift that keeps on giving’

Have you heard about the ‘presumptive eligibility toolkit for hospitals’ yet? Enroll America is doing their best to get the word out. The message from the toolkit is get as many people on Medicaid as possible without even waiting to find out if the candidate is eligible for Medicaid.

The underlying message is to get them dependent and get them on free government healthcare.

Using ‘presumptive eligibility,’ hospitals can enroll patients immediately if they think they might be eligible. They do it by accepting whatever the patient tells them. The decision is made by the intake worker ‘on the spot.’ It’s an honor system.

The beauty for the lovers of government dependency is that hospitals get paid no matter what so they have no reason whatsoever to question a thing they are being told. In fact, they have every reason to steer a patient into answering the questions in a way that would get the hospital Medicaid payments.

Since the government has no money, the taxpayer is on the hook for this.

They particularly want all pregnant women and children to be signed up and on the freebie system. It reminds me of the days when women were kept barefoot and pregnant.

This system is posing as a way around bureaucracy to help those in immediate need. It is unnecessary. This is simply another way to redistribute wealth and give government endless power over the people. It is a way to drive more people onto government healthcare and, one day, single payer.


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