Hostile, Nasty Leland Vittert Caused Trump Official to Call His Actions “Shameful”


If you had the misfortune of watching Fox’s America News HQ host Leland Vittert regularly, you know that he is abrasive with Republicans and welcoming to Democrats.

On Saturday, he interviewed White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro and was very confrontational, cutting him off, and talking over him.

Dufus-like Vittert asked about currency manipulation and then hurried him along, obviously not interested in getting a substantive answer.

“I don’t understand the hostility here,” Navarro said at one point, holding up both of his hands in self-defense.

BizPacReview believes it could have been the result of a tweet by the President in March. He tweeted: “Were @FoxNews weekend anchors, @ArthelNeville and @LelandVittert, trained by CNN prior to their ratings collapse? In any event, that’s where they should be working, along with their lowest-rated anchor, Shepard Smith!”

I doubt that helped, but it isn’t that. Saturday and Sunday during the day are CNN redux and Leland, along with his boring female hosts are positive with the left and nasty to the right. My congressman Lee Zeldin, a terrific gentleman, was on with Vittert last year and Vittert was vile. It was shocking.

As nasty Vittert fired question after question, without letting him finish, Navarro stopped to say, “Sir, what are you doing here.”

Navarro got a statement in and went on to make his point about farmers when Vittert started in again, interrupting. Navarro told him to back off. He even tried joking. Vittert was buffoonish in his responses.

“This hostility is puzzling to me,” Navarro said.

“This isn’t hostile sir. I’m not sure your interested in an interview, but typically people ask questions and they get an answer,” Vittert fired back.

Navarro said you keep interrupting me.

“Clearly not an answer, just a filibuster,” Vittert had the gall to say, and then he dismissively added, “Gotta run …”

He couldn’t have been more degrading.

“‘Gotta run,’” Navarro said, out of patience. “After you interrupted me probably 30 times. This is shameful sir.”

I saw this next clip at BizPacReview.

Shortly before, Vittert was on with far-left Democrat congressman Mark DeSaulnier and just look at the difference in treatment in the next clip.

Right after this interview,  Vittert’s colleague was hostile to the Republican who rebutted the Democrat who was just on.

Prior to DeSaulnier coming on, Vittert was sarcastic in referencing the President’s comments.

It is clear what is going on at Fox during the day.



  1. It is a waste of time watching Fox on Saturday because of anti-conservative bias through all of the commentators, male or female, might as well take the day off, watch sports or enjoy your weekends doing something other than watching them.

    • Boy, you hit the nail right on the head. I wasn’t sure but I always thought of Vittert Being a Chris Wallace wanna be. Now my minds made up he is truly a doofus and should work at CNN again

  2. There will be enough rope for all of them. These bobble heads better hope the American people see justice or we will bring it ourselves.

  3. Vittert behaves like a classic punk. Choose your own definition. For me, he meets all of them:

    1 archaic : prostitute
    2 [ probably partly from 3punk ] : nonsense, foolishness
    3a : a young inexperienced person : beginner, novice especially : a young man
    b : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian
    c slang : a young man used as a homosexual partner especially in a prison

  4. 1 archaic : prostitute
    2 [ probably partly from 3punk ] : nonsense, foolishness
    3a : a young inexperienced person : beginner, novice especially : a young man
    b : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian
    c slang : a young man used as a homosexual partner especially in a prison

  5. When I see Wallace, Vittert, Neville, etal. I change the channel, as I get SICK of the ‘Bias/Trump Haters”

    Fox became popular for “being the One Channel that Would give a conservative a chance, but not now, that the Liberal Sons/Daughter in Laws of Murdock took over….so they will Lose, Just like the REST of the Liberal/Leftist People on ALL Other Channels, who “Hate Trump AND WE his followers, so we can ‘boycott, and change the channels, as they apparently want to be the Next CNN—who can’t pay their Own People.’

    That little Twit Vittert thinks he’s a big deal, but with that “Matt Faced Makeup Sat. He even Looked Stupid”

  6. Of ALL the hosts on Fox the ONLY one I would ever watch, and listen to, is Maria Bartiromo. She IS the consummate professional. She Always lets the guest “finish” and does NOT interrupt. Furthermore, she doesn’t have a guest on for 2 to 3 minutes but has segments long enough to be worthwhile and informative. I’m not impressed with the evening line-up either. It’s mostly cheerleading with little substance. It may feed the emotions but does little more.

  7. Peter Navarro should refuse to be interviewed by Vittert again, as should all other Republicans. I never watch Fox News on the weekend because of these “B” list hosts. Vittert is a rude, Jim Acosta/Shep Smith wannabe. Why would Fox want people like that interviewing guests?? If OAN becomes more available, Fox is going to lose big time.

  8. Vitter is young, immature, and wants to rise up the ladder by ingratiating his leftist leaders at Fox. It’s all about him, not the truth, not following decent journalistic standards.

    OAN direct TV 347 is fantastic.

  9. Another rude interview with Vitter. He never lets his guests finish their points. You end up more confused about the purpose of the interview. A good interviewer will know when to change subjects without cutting off their guest.. Vitter lacks that talent. Whenever I see that he is one of the hosts I switch back to my local news.

  10. Totally agree – can’t stand watching any of the ones mentioned, but my list also includes Sandra Smith, Ed Henry (my how he changed), Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum. If I wanted all the rude, biased remarks I’d watch CNN.

  11. Vitter is great in the field but he is the worst on set – I can not watch him at all – enough is enough – If I ran fox I would fire him on the spot when doing an interview – But expect fox news to get worst with Ryan on board – too bad last out let that gives you the truth 40% of the time.

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