Nancy Pelosi and the Other Hounds of Hell Unleash on Judge Gorsuch


Judge Neil Gorsuch is the Republican nominee for Supreme Court Justice. His background is impeccable but the Democrats are already screaming that he is “dangerous”. Nancy Pelosi was railing against him at a townhall this evening. She couldn’t find a single nice thing to say and many on the left are tweeting that she’s coming up with very cogent arguments.

Cogent arguments? Nancy?

The nominee’s speech:

Chuck Schumer is probably crying over the choice. His prepared statement was out before the judge finished his brief speech.

Sadly, the charming, honorable justice is about to have the hounds of hell unleashed on him. Michael Moore is at a protest at a court and other Hollywood loons are preparing a protest.

Nancy Pelosi was one of the first out of the gate. She called Judge Gorsuch, “a very hostile appointment”. She said he’s a very “radical” and “well outside the mainstream”.

In her statement, she wrote

“Judge Gorsuch’s record reveals he holds radical views far outside the mainstream of American legal thought. The consequences of placing President Trump’s justice on the Supreme Court could not be more serious or far-reaching. House Democrats stand with the American people in demanding the toughest scrutiny of Judge Gorsuch before the Republican Senate holds any vote to send him to the highest court in the land.”

The negative tweets are rolling in.

Anyone Elizabeth Warren doesn’t like is okay with me.

It is interesting to note the names of Democrats who have previously voted for Neil Gorsuch. One of them is crybaby Schumer.

Jake Tapper actually posted something positive.

A President George W. Bush nominee, his background includes clerkships under U.S. Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy and a law degree from Harvard.

Gorsuch has been compared to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, whose seat he could be filling, in terms of originalism, or taking the Constitution as it was written, and a colorful writing style.

A Los Angeles Times report states that he “does not have a record of strident comments that would fuel a confirmation fight.”

The Colorado jurist is best known for upholding religious liberty rights in the legal battles over Obamacare.

“He is very bright, well-respected and quite personable,” said John Malcolm, a lawyer at the Heritage Foundation. “And there’s no question he would not be as contentious as some others.”

Neil Gorsuch was educated at a prep school in Maryland and has degrees from Columbia University, Harvard Law School and Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in legal philosophy. All of his degrees were awarded with honors.

His best-known opinions grew out of the dispute over the Obama administration’s regulation requiring employers to provide female employees with the full range of contraceptives as part of their health insurance.

Read more on this link.

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7 years ago

Once again, we see that it is all about the power and not about the people. Just another reason for term limits. the Liberals are pissed beyond belief that their Queen Hillary lost, the next 4 years we will see this crap continue!!!!!