House Amnesty Bill Gives Mass Citizenship to Illegals in Six Years


When Donald Trump issued an executive order in September 2017, rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order issued by Barack Obama, half of America saw it as the end of amnesty. Mitch McConnell saw it as his cue to negotiate DACA with Democrats to save amnesty.

As an aside, if you don’t support amnesty after many failed amnesties, you’re a right-wing extremist.

Republicans and President Trump ran on closing the borders and not offering amnesty before the border was secured. That isn’t what is happening at the moment.

After conducting several days of closed-door negotiations, Paul Ryan released an immigration plan yesterday that will legally protect DREAMers while also providing over $23 billion for a border wall.

That’s like closing the barn door after all the cows have left.

DREAMers will be able to apply for nonimmigrant status visas and that will be a pathway to citizenship in six years.

Millions, at least 1.8 million, probably more than 3.6 million, will have jumped the line to US citizenship ahead of legal immigrants and their parents will also be allowed to stay.

But we were told it would be 800,000 DACA.

That makes DACA permanent and invites more illegal immigration. This will be another massive amnesty before the border is secured. We will all be California. These people are coming here illegally, breaking our laws, and the majority collect welfare.

It’s possible the proposal won’t pass. Notify your congressmen if you don’t approve.


The bill also authorizes construction of a wall along the Mexican border and approves the $25 billion the Trump administration had sought in border security funding.

The bill also:

• Raises the bar for people seeking asylum to a higher burden of proof.

• Gives Immigration and Customs Enforcement more authority to keep “dangerous criminal aliens” detained.

• Requires proof that a child who is coming to the US on a Special Immigrant Juvenile visa to be reunified with one parent, rather than both parents, cannot reunify with both parents due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

• Eliminates the diversity visa lottery, which brings in 55,000 people per year from countries that traditionally have low immigration rates to America. Those visa slots will be reallocated to a new merit-based program.

• Creates this merit-based system, wherein immigrants can move up the line by getting prioritization “points” for hitting higher education levels, English language proficiency, military service, and continued employment.

• Gives the Secretary of Homeland Security broad new powers to turn away refugees without hearing their asylum claim if they are deemed to have come from a “safe third country.” This applies when refugees first move from their home country to another nation, then come to the US. The US already has negotiated this arrangement with certain countries, such as Canada. But the bill would give the secretary the power to send refugees back to practically anywhere in the world, regardless of whether there is a bilateral agreement in place.

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