House Democrats continue to hide depositions


Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) told Fox News this past week that House Democrats are still withholding transcripts of depositions that were conducted by the House Intelligence Committee.

These are the depositions that were taken in hiding in Congress’s Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) as part of their impeachment inquiry.

The host asked, “So you think they’re stalling, in essence, to continue digging, that they’re hoping they find something more?”

The congressman responded, “Look, they had all the tools at their disposal on the House side, they made it secret. They had armed guards outside the doors. They still haven’t made all of the transcripts available to members of Congress.”

“And according to House rules, any committee hearing, the transcript is supposed to be available to other House members. But they have not done so, and no one has asserted that these are classified briefings. They were just simply secret hearings because it behooved the speaker to have secret hearings.”

“That doesn’t pass muster. That’s not a constitutional part of the process.”


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