House Dems are backing off holding AG Barr in contempt for now


The Democrats aren’t going to vote to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt, at least not now, perhaps in June. They got their sound bites out for their less-than-alert supporters and they have to know they will look like fools if they move ahead.

The Democrats feel they have more pressing issues, according to Politico.

We think they realize they can’t go ahead with holding Barr in contempt for refusing to break the law. They are lawyers and they know that. In fact, Jerrold Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, quoted the exact law Bill Barr is adhering to decades ago.


Politico reported: House Democrats will not hold floor votes on contempt resolutions against Attorney General William Barr or any other Trump administration officials until at least June, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on Wednesday.

Politico says they just want time to decide how to respond to the President’s stonewalling. The President has told them they don’t get to redo Mueller’s probe with their 20 investigations and he told his officials not to respond to the subpoenas.

Politico writes:

Hoyer added that Democratic leaders are assembling a package of contempt resolutions that would be approved at one time, although there is no timetable on what that will reach the floor.

“We don’t want to do it just individually … We want to confront this refusal by the administration to cooperate with the constitution and the mandate that Congress has of oversight,” Hoyer said. “The president has, in effect, made a blanket statement that he’s not cooperating with any subpoenas. That is totally unacceptable. That is against the Constitution.”

That’s even better. If they do it en masse, it will blow up on them. They should go for it.

Democrats are now playing down Adam Schiff’s desire to use an ancient law of “inherent contempt” which would allow them to fine or imprison Trump officials. Schiff said he wants to fine them $25,000 a day for every day they don’t appear for their witch trials.

Many of the Democrats have been threatening imprisonment of Bill Barr and other Trump officials. It’s probably not polling well and some of the leadership have enough sense to know it would seriously hurt them. They’re unhinged but not stupid.

Could you imagine if some clerk tried to imprison Bill Barr? Barr joked about that today. According to multiple reporters, Barr approached Pelosi following the National Peace Officers Memorial Service in Washington, shook her hand, and asked, “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” Pelosi smiled and said the House Sergeant at Arms was present if an arrest was necessary, to which Barr laughed and walked away.

Nancy Pelosi seems to think impeachment is off the table and Hoyer certainly does. That will make the crazies miserable.


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4 years ago

They know that would absolutely finish them off if they pushed the subpeona idea and carried through. Bullies with threats is what they have been all along, and now they have let everyone see who they really are.

4 years ago

They took a poll.

Also, as we suspected, Barr said he is not stopping Mueller from testifying. Mueller is a coward, and very vulnerable in questioning.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

These people are charlatans and evil motivated haters.