House: $$$ for Ukraine & Israel, Cancel TikTok, Border Remains Open


The House voted to fund Ukraine and Israel and demand TikTok be sold. The border will remain wide open while Biden leads us toward World War III and our enemies enter illegally along with cartels, and lunatics.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Speaker Johnson vacated. She has two supporters, but some Republicans threaten to leave Congress if he’s vacated. Democrats might save Johnson.

Reps. Gosar and Massie also want Johnson gone. If they get their way, there is a good chance Republicans will lose their one-vote majority, leaving us with Marxist Hakeem Jeffries as leader.

Also, if Democrats save Johnson, he will owe Democrats even more.

It is obvious that the Uniparty cares about Ukraine, Israel, and TikTok but not the USA.

As far as Ukraine, more Republicans voted against it than for it. Israel did better.

Close the damn border and stop spending you representatives who don’t represent us! Also, we have to borrow billions to fund these other nations while adding $1.1 trillion to the deficit these past five months, a number that will grow.

Expect more of these people to come in, and decide the future of America.

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