House GOP Leader McCarthy Plans to Take Action Against Steve King


A considerable controversy surrounding Rep. Steve King, a strong anti-illegal immigrant proponent, has blown up into a demand by Democrats that Republicans censure him. While they’re at it, maybe Dems could do the same with some of their bigots like Maxine Waters.

The New York Times accuses King of saying he supports white nationalism and white supremacy. There is no way he supports either of those evil ideologies — no way.


In the past, he has been accused of retweeting tweets by supremacists and making racist comments.

He also met with Austria’s Freedom Party last year, a group founded by a former Nazi SS officer whose leader was involved in neo-Nazi circles. There does appear to be some extremists in the group, although it is not a Nazi Party.

During a meeting with the group, King reportedly asked, “What does this diversity bring that we don’t already have?”

That could be a harmless statement.

It is true that an unsavory person founded the Austrian conservative-populist party many years ago, but the party now is not a Nazi party. It’s aligned with Marine Le Pen’s party in France.

Some Republican Senators and Representatives have joined in with Democrats in condemning King’s inartfully-stated remarks as quoted in the NY Times, including Joni Ernst and Tim Scott.

What did King think when he talked with the NYT, and without a tape?


There was a serious effort by George Soros groups, the open borders crowd, to defeat him in Iowa. He barely won his election, and the attacks have not subsided.

If he is a bigot, we want no part of him, but we don’t think he is. Retweeting carelessly or meeting with an actual party in Austria, no matter its origins, might not be enough to condemn him.

If they are trying to say he is a Nazi, that’s ridiculous. Of course, he’s not.

Listen to his explanation and see what you think. King clarified the quotes from the untaped phone interview with the Times.

Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy says he will take action against him. The tyrannical left and some on the right are insisting he does so.

Let us know what you think. We don’t know enough about his past comments to say for sure if he is a bigot or not. We know he is not a Nazi.

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