House Oversight Committee Demands Biden Family Business Financial Documents


House Oversight Committee Demands

Biden Family Business Financial Documents

By Mark Schwendau

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform will take up Ranking Member James Comer’s (R-Ky.) House Resolution 1243 today, Tuesday. This resolution will require President Joe Biden to hand over documents related to the Biden family’s international business dealings. The resolution seeks important information needed to conduct oversight of the Biden family’s international business deals before, during, and after President Joe Biden’s tenure in public office.

“President Biden’s family peddles access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves, often at the expense of U.S. interests. We need to know if President Biden has received a cut from these shady foreign business deals. If President Biden or his immediate family has, that is a national security threat, and he may be compromised,” said Ranking Member Comer. “We’ve repeatedly called on Biden’s Treasury Department to provide answers, but they are stonewalling congressional oversight. We must pass this resolution to compel President Biden to hand over critical information about the Biden family’s international business schemes. Americans deserve transparency and accountability.”

It has been reported that more than 150 Hunter Biden international business transactions have generated Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) by U.S. banks for inspection by the Treasury Department to determine if there was illegal activity or a threat to national security.

Previously Rep. James Comer (R-KY) wrote a letter to Janet Yellen:

“Despite Treasury’s assertion in the press that it ‘provides SARs to Congress in a manner that enables robust oversight,’ Treasury is refusing to release SARs connected with Hunter Biden or his family and associates — including the President.

“Treasury’s actions call for an investigation and raise new questions about the degree to which the Biden Administration uses the federal government to provide cover for the Biden family and its associates.”

“The American people deserve to know whether the President’s connections to his son’s business deals occurred at the expense of the United States’ interests and whether they represent a national security threat.”

Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her Department have rejected demands by the House Oversight and Reform Committee to hand over Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) unless the committee’s Democratic leaders sign off, which has not happened and is stonewalling without legal backing.

It is interesting and suspicious that Joe Biden had the Treasury Department change its policy for releasing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to Congress under the Bank Secrecy Act. According to political experts in media reports, Hunter Biden and other Biden family members have racked up at least 150 SARs in their foreign business dealings.

Ranking Member Comer wrote to Secretary Yellen on May 25, 2022, requesting all SARs generated for Hunter Biden and other Biden associates, including family members’ financial transactions. He repeated this request on July 6, 2022. Both requests have been denied by the Treasury Department.

Comer noted in his May letter where he demanded the information by June 8, 2022, “The Treasury Department used to provide these reports to Congress, but the Biden Administration has restricted access to them, raising questions about a possible effort to hide the Biden network’s suspicious business dealings.”

More information about the Oversight Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s international business dealings can be found here.

The importance of this investigation for America is relative to the Biden Family’s possible violations of the 1970 RICO Act. Under this act, a person(s) can be charged with racketeering. These charges can be brought up for bribery, extortion, illegal drug sales, loan sharking, murder, and prostitution.  Some say this U.S. legislation has 27 federal and eight state crimes. Some legal pundits hold that there are 35 criminal acts of this legislation. The RICO Act gives the Federal government the power to criminally prosecute and imprison people even if they never personally committed any of the components of racketeering as an accessory to the crimes. This is because they were part of the criminal enterprise.

This is significant as Joe Biden has claimed, on multiple occasions, that he had no knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but this has since been proven as yet another Joe Biden lie.  Emails have been leaked from the Hunter Biden laptop, and pictures of Joe and Hunter with others of their clandestine overseas operations implicating Joe Biden. Even more damning was an actual voice mail leaked in July of Joe Biden talking to Hunter on the phone about the family business.

Joe Biden has worked to change the laws, rules, and regulations to protect him and his family from a RICO investigation. This is exactly what Barack Obama did when he signed an Executive Order on his first day in office to protect him from having his entire paper past investigated to determine his legitimacy (or lack thereof) for holding our highest office. The irony was that on the campaign trail, Obama promised to run the most transparent presidency in the history of the White House.

FOX News was one of the first to break this story, as seen here: “Treasury faces mounting scrutiny for giving Hunter Biden ‘cover’ with new rule for document requests

Copyright © 2022 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  Mark is an award-winning educator who has published seven books and numerous peer-reviewed trade journal articles, some of which can be found on the Internet.  His father was a fireman/paramedic, while his mother was a registered nurse.  He holds multiple degrees in technology education, industrial management, OSHA Safety, and Driver’s Education.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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10 days ago

Good Luck!

Until there is a real Capitol Jail and Congress is willing to have the Master at Arms escort Public Officials into the Capitol Jail for Obstructing the Business of Congress we will never see real oversight. Congress should have it’s own Prosecutor and Court like the IRS to prosecute Executive Branch Officials. Congress should not allow Bail since the Charge would be Contempt of Congress which should be Treason and potentially carry the Death Penalty.

When called in front of Congress or any Federal Court, the Government should provide appropriate Legal Counsel. We should no longer allow the Federal Government to go on fishing trips that bankrupt Political enemies.