House RINOs Join with Dems to Push for Incremental Immigration Reform


The RINOs and the Democrats are joining forces to push ahead with a discharge petition unless an immigration deal to protect DACAs is reached within 24 hours.

Amnesty for DACA — people who say they were brought here as youths — is the only leverage Republicans have to protect our borders. This discharge petition would put individual bills on to the floor, ending all leverage.

Amnesty for anywhere from 700,000 to millions could turn as many as five red states blue, and it is also the bargaining chip for any immigration deal. As more and more DACA pour in, there is the possibility that milions more could be included at a later date.

DACA have been given eight amnesties already. They’ve been excused from ID theft, social security fraud, unpaid taxes, and more.

We have also had seven amnesties for all people here illegally without the border being secured. Border security should stand alone, without amnesty, but we have so many open borders politicians, it can’t be done.


Conservatives are pushing aggressively for the Goodlatte Bill to come to the floor before they will consider voting for the Farm Bill. That is the immigration deal they will accept. The Farm Bill is the only leverage they have to get the bill to the floor. Rep. McCarthy promises it will come to the floor in June.

This push comes in response to these liberal Republicans insisting on moving ahead with a discharge petition aimed at forcing a series of immigration votes on the House floor.

Essentially, these liberal Progressive Republicans, often referred to as ‘moderate’, are working with the Democrats who are clearly for open borders policies.

Their excuse is they have to do it to protect illegal aliens known as DACA. The truth is they want to protect their seats.

Rep. Denham and several other signatories on the petition are among the lawmakers seen as the most vulnerable this fall.

Denham said Thursday that he plans to push ahead with the discharge petition, which so far has 20 Republican signatures. They just need five more Republican signatures to force the immigration votes if all 193 Democrats join the effort.

Any vote that includes 193 Democrats is a Democrat open borders approach to immigration reform. The Goodlatte Bill, alleged to be so ‘hardline’ is an effort to return the United States to the rule of law.

These are the same people who do nothing about our corrupt refugee process. For example, the United Nations, which selects our new refugees, has just had to close their Sudan office because of all the corruption. People selected to come to the United States are paying to get into the country. Generally, the people with money who can afford to buy their way on to a list are the overlords and their corrupt allies.

On the other hand, these are representatives who can’t get re-elected unless they are RINOs.


The best bill, the most minimal bill on immigration that Americans should accept is the Goodlatte Bill. The Hill called it “hardline” in an article Thursday.

The Goodlatte bill would give legal work permits to DACA and would also include an end to chain migration, the lottery, mandate e-verify, and provide for a wall.

It doesn’t appear to have the votes but there are roughly 30 conservatives, who the Hill also calls “hardline”, who could aggressively push the bill.

The Goodlatte Bill will likely come to the floor in June and fail. That will be followed by permissive individual bills without much of anything in return.

In exchange for amnesty for the original 700,000 DACA, the Goodlatte bill would do the following, according to Conservative Review the bill:

  • Almost immediately eliminates family-based chain migration for all categories of immigration beginning at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Cuts off law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.
  • Requires a mandatory E-verify, one of the only effective federal programs. It includes an agriculture guest worker program.
  • Abolishes the diversity visa lottery. Those roughly 55,000 visas will be reallocated to H-1B-type programs.
  • Ends catch-and-release by explicitly requiring ICE to detain illegal aliens who are a risk.
  • Clarifies and expands the categories for deporting criminal legal aliens as a response to recent court rulings. The rulings invalidated deportations of those convicted of drunk driving, aggravated felonies, and “crimes involving moral turpitude.” The Democrats want to keep the criminals here.
  • Institutes mandatory prison sentences for those who re-enter the country illegally. It is meant to deter those who keep coming and getting deported with no fear of punishment, such as Kate Steinle’s murderer.
  • Authorizes the hiring of 5,000 new border agents and 5,000 new ICE agents.
  • Authorizes the full border wall and requires completion of exit-entry visa tracking.

How is that “hardline”? Are we a country with borders or not?

We have no idea who is coming into this country and the American people no longer get to decide. Our politicians have frittered away our freedom and our voting power.

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